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“What is the biggest factor for success to sleep training? Consistency,” Vanessa of Parent Heroes, a child sleep consultant, said. Yet, she felt she wasn’t being consistent on the branding and website design side of things.

Vanessa knew that she needed to step-up her Instagram game, and online presence to expand her business. And that’s exactly what we did when she signed up for our Signature Experience — our custom brand and Showit web design program.

Vanessa is a larger-than-life dreamer, so naturally, she came to us with big ideas when we met. 

First, she was tired of wasting her time on things she could not understand — especially website design. “I would fall into ‘time sucks’ and ‘I give up’ trying to learn about websites.”

Next, she wanted her brand to look and most importantly, feel professional. “I didn’t know my voice well, so it was kind of like that Chinese finger cuff game where you’re just stuck.”

And one of the last things was that she wanted to be the Austin, Texas Sleep Consultant. “It combined my favorite things about nursing: babies, kids, and teaching families.”

We were absolutely ready for the challenge to help her and Parent Heroes.

A child sleep consultant brand for Parent Heroes located in Austin, Texas. Check out the brand and Showit website design by Carrylove Designs.

The first step to making a custom brand and signature Showit design is getting to know our client and their business. Vanessa bravely opened up to us about the difficulties she faced before coming up with Parent Heroes.

“I was adjusting to being a new parent, and we had a string of bad luck for the first 4 months of my son’s life,” she recalled. “ I started researching sleep…and it helped me feel more in control of this crazy experience of parenthood. I would have fallen into a deep depression without the help of a good night’s sleep.”

She didn’t even think of the idea of being a sleep consultant at the time, though. Until she realized her job was leaving her feeling stuck and weighed down.

“My career as a nurse was mostly in the Newborn ICU. Being a new parent made it troublesome to carry the weight of all these stories of sick babies,” Vanessa admitted. “I was stagnant in my nursing position I forgot how to listen to myself, develop myself, and learn.”

We were inspired by her journey and her ability to power through the tough times and make something positive out of it.

 A child sleep consultant brand for Parent Heroes located in Austin, Texas. Check out the brand and Showit website design by Carrylove Designs.

Then we thought… this kind of sounds like a superhero. Which is exactly the theme we ran with for her social media revamp, overall custom branding, and our signature Showit website design.

We choose some bold colors to represent confidence and her super-consulting-powers. But we also chose complimentary softer colors to match the undying empathy Vanessa has for her clients.

“I like modern art,” Vanessa told us during the Signature Experience design process. “I clean lines, white space, pop art, comic books, and fun. I like telling parents that we can make their life better.”

In-line with her mission to making parents feel stress-free about her services, we added fun phrases to match her superhero theme. Such as, giving Vanessa the title “Superhero Trainer,” or “transform your kids into super sleepers.”

The SEO revamp, custom branding plus Showit website design makeover, and social media transformation gave Vanessa the validity she needed to feel like a true entrepreneur.

A child sleep consultant brand for Parent Heroes located in Austin, Texas. Check out the brand and Showit website design by Carrylove Designs.

“I didn’t expect clients to only want me because of my very professional Showit website,” she told us. “I didn’t expect my own evolution to happen — where a lot of the beginner imposter syndrome feelings would just die down. Just by having a really incredible brand voice that tapped into who and what I am at the core.”

We were stoked to hear and see the transformation of her as a businesswoman. We worked by her side for months — making sure she was happy with our mockups, and that we were bringing her dreams to life in the form of design and code.

“I just had these things inside of me and I couldn’t express them,” Vanessa said about her feelings before she started working with us. “[CarryLove Designs was] able to draw out my inner thoughts and hopes and dreams and work with the copywriter to create this brand and brand voice that I’d always imagined.”

After her launch, we achieved three important goals: we were able to recruit sleep consultants to work under her, she ranked number one on relevant Google searches, and she was consistently booked out weeks in advance.

“I was worried because it was a big investment for me to make,” she admitted in our customary post-launch questionnaire. “My brand message bloomed under [CarryLove Design’s] guidance.”

Now, she says she’s, “looking forward to establishing new relationships with new clients — with this more heart-centered, stand-out-from-the-crowd messaging that I was holding back on previously in fear of being judged by clients.”

And most importantly, she says she can finally dream again.

“I get into the muck of daily business, nursing, or parenting life and kind of forget to dream. So this has definitely reawakened my capabilities and possibilities. It’s energized me.”

To see more of what we did to help out Vanessa and Parent Heroes, click here. And if you’re interested in learning more about our custom branding and Showit website design services, start chatting with us here.

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