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Reading Time: 6 minutes SEO can seem daunting, and honestly, I blame the “experts” for over-complicating the process (which usually ends in them selling you, a thoroughly confused reader, their SEO workshop). As someone who works closely with SEO all day, every day I’m going to let you in on a secret: SEO is nothing to be afraid of. […]

Marketing, Website Strategy

SEO for Photographers: Get Found Organically

Search engine optimization for photographers

Reading Time: 4 minutes Confession time: The problem I have the most with Instagram isn’t with the platform itself necessary — it’s the fact that I see creatives post the same post over and over again, hoping that their content will eventually catch fire. The issue I have with this is the fact that posting the same type of […]


Instagram Algorithm for Creatives in 2021

instagram algorithm strategy

Reading Time: 7 minutes When I was researching content for this blog post, I searched, “how to create a brand for your business.” Let me know if you’ve run into this during your own research for your brand — most of the videos and articles I saw were about how to visually create your brand. Things like logos, color […]

Brand Strategy, Business, Marketing

Components of a Strategic Brand

Reading Time: 6 minutes Flodesk has done it again! If you use their platform, you probably just received an email in your inbox that says, “show me the data.” In this email, Flodesk announced that they have a whole new way of analyzing your marketing data so you can learn how to strategically reach new clients and improve your […]


Email Marketing Analytics with Flodesk

Reading Time: 5 minutes As creative entrepreneurs, it is part of our job to market our small business. I know, I know, sometimes even I groan too — it can be difficult and overwhelming, no doubt about it. There are some nuances you have to remember when marketing your brand. Not to mention, the pressure is real to stay […]


Marketing Mistakes Creatives Make & How to Avoid Them

Marketing mistakes creatives often make and how to avoid them

Reading Time: 4 minutes Today, we’re diving into my top 2021 Instagram tips so you can grow your small business. And, disclaimer: This comes from someone who doesn’t do Instagram Reels, so you won’t find many creative or clever trends here. Instead, these tips are tried-and-tested, strategy-based actions you can get started on today and ones that have worked […]


Tips For Growing Your Business on Instagram

Instagram tips for growing your business in 2021

Reading Time: 6 minutes Ever review your email list and see emails that are “bounced”? Most marketers and entrepreneurs spend a lot of time on email marketing, and it can be really frustrating to see bounces in the analytics. But why are some emails bouncing more than others, and why do some keep bouncing over and over again? Today, […]


How to Bounce-Proof Your Email Marketing

Learn how to bounce-proof your emails to ensure your email marketing plan is strategic.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Last year, I surveyed over 1,100 wedding professionals (yes, you read that number correctly!) from all over the country with a few other people. We were interested in learning about their wedding business — from how they ran their finances to how they execute their marketing strategies. The outcome was outstanding (see the number of […]

Business, Marketing

Grow Your Wedding Business: 3 Essential Tips

Grow your wedding professional business in 2021 with these three tips.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Email marketing is a major part of running a smooth business as a creative entrepreneur, which is why I use Flodesk to automate my emails. Folders and color coded segments are 2021 Flodesk updates that will help get your email marketing organized this year.

Business, Marketing

Flodesk Folders & Segments Keep My Email Marketing Organized

Reading Time: 4 minutes “What is the biggest factor for success to sleep training? Consistency,” Vanessa of Parent Heroes, a child sleep consultant, said. Yet, she felt she wasn’t being consistent on the branding and website design side of things. Vanessa knew that she needed to step-up her Instagram game, and online presence to expand her business. And that’s […]

Brand Reveal, Brand Strategy, Marketing, Website Strategy

Child Sleep Consultant Brand | Parent Heroes

A child sleep consultant brand for Parent Heroes located in Austin, Texas. Check out the brand and Showit website design by Carrylove Designs.

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