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How the Process Works

We approach branding and marketing from a scientific standpoint and then apply the beautiful design. Our designs are based on meaningful data and logic that drives results. 

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"Within six weeks of launching, my bookings were valued close to $24,000. I earned back my investment nearly 5X!"

– Holly Marie Photography

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Janice Jones Photography

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Parent Heroes

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Results that Speak for Themselves

Our commitment to helping our clients succeed with their rebrand with the Signature Experience truly sets us apart as a design studio.

Marc & Mindy

Holly Marie Photography

Jenni Engel Photography

Ma Maison

Wedding Photographers & Educators

Goals for rebrand:

Marc & Mindy felt they'd outgrown their branding and wanted to create a luxury brand for attracting their ideal couples. They also:

Rebrand to a luxury market.
Raise prices by $1,000.
Book weddings at higher-end venues.


We liked that the designs Amanda created didn't look cookie cutter. They are 100% uniquely the business she is designing for.The Carrylove team took what we were feeling in our hearts about our couples and, business and each other and poetically put it into words on our website.  

2 Weddings Booked within 30-days of rebrand.
Attracted more clients who are an ideal fit.
Booked 6 couples at our highest packages within 3 months.

Marc & Mindy

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The Problem:

Child Sleep Consultant

Goals for rebrand:

Vanessa was tired of wasting her time on things she was not excellent at. She wanted to take it to the next level and not look so amateur. She also:

Be 'the Austin Sleep Consultant' of choice.
Hire sleep consultants under her brand.
Reach her ideal client.


"I feel fantastic. I am having opportunities land in my lap that I have been hoping for 11 months. Everything just seems easier in my business with Carry Love Designs in my corner."

Recruited Sleep Consultants under her.
Ranked #1 on 5+ relevant Google searches.
Consistently was booked out weeks in advance.

Parent Heroes

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Event Planner

Goals for rebrand:

DeNeitra wanted an actual brand. In the past, she always thrown up little websites and logos with know true strategy and purpose behind it.

Book more corporate clients.
Increase revenue.
Get more organic inquiries.


Since rebranding, we have seen an influx in inquiries. In 2018, we produced + designed 13 events. In 2019, we more than doubled the amount of events we produced.

Average 3+ inquiries a week.
Doubled amount of events produced last year.
Ranking for top Google keywords searches.

Savvy Events

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Event Planner

Goals for rebrand:

I have a lot of momentum and I am ready to take my company to the next level. 

Attract my ideal client.
Visual brand to reflect her personality
Hire a full time employee.


I'm so relieved I decided to go with the Signature Experience. I feel like my brand and website finally represents me as a person.

Booked 10 weddings within 3 months of launching.
Grew her team of planners.
Doubled her yearly revenue goal.

Timeless Styled Events

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Generational Family Photographer

Goals for rebrand:

Before the process Janice was have a plan or any direction. She felt overwhelmed with the possibilities. Her goals for the rebrand were:

Specialize in extended family sessions.
Double her prices.
Get more organic clients.


"I needed to drill down on my brand but didn’t know how to do that. Carrylove Designs pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best possible way! They took my words and thoughts and created a brand that is uniquely and completely me! For that, I am extremely grateful!"

Felt confident in her brand voice and message.
Attracted more clients who are an ideal fit.
Within a week of launch she booked 2 sessions and had 3 more inquiries.

Janice Jones Photography

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Fine Art Photographer

Goals for rebrand:

Heading into the experience, Felicia felt scared and intimidated because she knew what I wanted but she didn't know how to explain it.

Creating a website that was luxurious.
Get more high-end bookings.
Feel confident that website visitors will enjoy the experience.


"Amanda exceeded my expectations! I came into the planning with inspiration that I thought I loved. She created something luxurious I couldn't even dream of! It screams luxury, expensive and super professional! This is taking my business to the next level! "

Completed 53 Brand Session in 5 months.
Booked clients that invested more in prints.
Stood out from other photographers with her website.

Felicia Reed Photography

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Wedding + Event Venue

Goals for rebrand:

Before the process Janice was have a plan or any direction. She felt overwhelmed with the possibilities. Her goals for the rebrand were:

Book more weddings using SEO.
Refine who their ideal client was.
Create a higher-end brand look.


"We think everything Amanda does is lovely and spot on. Everything she touches turns to gold!!"

Felt confident in their visual branding.
Attracted more clients who are an ideal fit.
Received more inquiries.

Ma Maison

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Wedding Photographers

Goals for rebrand:

Holly felt their brand was very generic and didn't portray their personalities very well. She wanted to be able to express their wedding experience better to potential clients.

Raise their prices.
Attract clients that were excited to work with HMP.
Limit the number of weddings they shoot each year.


"Thank you for taking so much care into my business and creating the most valuable (and beautiful :) !) tool I could ask for!!! When we started I basically put my whole personality, my deep thoughts, hopes and dreams in your hands which is a nerve-wracking thing to do. I'm so grateful I took that leap and trusted you because you turned it into something better than I ever could have imagined!!"

Raised prices by 20% and booked 5 weddings at that price within 6 weeks.
New weddings that have booked at are dream venues
No push back at all on our raised prices – value is clearly coming across.

Holly Marie PHotography

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Adoption Photographer

Goals for rebrand:

Jenni wanted her brand to communicate that she's about telling the whole story for her clients. She wanted her brand to be a safe place for her clients. And communicate what she does clearly.

Hire an associate photographer.
Earn more money each month.
Book more travel opportunities.

Jenni Engel Photography

Jenni Engel's Site LAunching soon

"I have had 53 completed brand sessions since the launch of my website five months ago. And the video section gives them behind the scenes look that sets me apart."

 – Felicia Reed, Felicia Reed PHotography

"I hear over and over again how impressed my clients are with my marketing and branding."

"I'm having opportunities land in my lap that I have been hoping for 11 months. Everything just seems easier in my business with CarryLove Designs in my corner."

"It was an unimaginable transformation. I rocketed to number one [on Google] in four brand keywords in my market. I did not expect clients to only want to work with me because of my very professional website."

 – Vanessa Vance, founder of Parent heroes

"We have built a brand that set us apart from cookie-cutter designs that clutter in our market."

"Having a professional brand and website has helped us solidify our place not only as a reputable photography company but also as an industry leader."

 – Mindy Pollack, Marc & Mindy

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Founder, Amanda Shuman

I don't believe in coincidences. You arrived here for a reason. I would love the opportunity to show you around and get to know you better. My goal is be able to serve you no matter what stage of business you're in. Please take a look of some of the best places to get started.

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