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“I feel confident, sure, excited, professional, relaxed, secure,” Cayla of an Austin, Texas-based photography brand said during our final consultation, just a few days after revealing her and her husband’s new custom brand and Showit website design

But it wasn’t always this way.

Cayla knew after years of experience in the wedding photography and videography industry, she needed a new website and brand refresh for her photography brand to better showcase her passion and expertise. And to achieve this she chose to go through our Signature Experience, after weighing all her options.

Photography by Feather & Twine

Carhart Photography Custom Brand and Showit Website Design

Carhart Photography is made up of vegan taco enthusiasts and pop-punk loving duo Cayla and David who are based in Austin, Texas. When they first came to us, we couldn’t help but be smitten over their admiration for each other, which carried over to their work.

“I always wanted to be an artist and a storyteller to some capacity,” Cayla told us. “I found weddings, which mixed my love of cultural traditions, photojournalism, and artistic storytelling, with my drive to run my own business and my family at the center.”

But how does one showcase this message to prospective clients? Without the confidence in your own brand aesthetics and brand message, like what Cayla and David were experiencing, it’s difficult to book the ideal clients you’re looking for — or even book clients at all.

Our team rolled our sleeves up, snagged a bite of our jackfruit tacos for some energy, and got to work.

Carhart Photography's custom brand and Showit website design by Carrylove Designs. View the adventurous, story-book inspired brand.

The First Stages

When we jumped into Brand Strategy, stage one of the Signature Experience, we got to work on refining their goals as a photography brand. Cayla and David wanted to…

  • Better showcase what they do
  • Give viewers an inside look into the couple that makes up Carhart Photography
  • Attract their ideal clients

“Our personalities are very quiet and passive, making it a little hard to assert ourselves in the industry,” Cayla admitted to us in the brand strategy consultation. 

Once we had the goals down, it was now time to create an action plan.

It was clear that our focus had to be around showcasing the benefits that come along with hiring this quirky, charming photography and videography duo by highlighting their extraordinary skills and immense passion.

Carhart Photography's custom brand and Showit website design by Carrylove Designs. View the adventurous, story-book inspired brand.

Branding Aesthetics, Backed by Data

The next step was to rebrand Carhart Photography to match their charming and upbeat personalities, warmhearted brand message, and desired clientele so they could become the Austin, Texas wedding photographer and videographer.

And at CarryLove Designs, when it comes to putting a brand’s traits into a website, we’re more than just a “sparkly storefront” as Cayla put it so eloquently.

A critical part of our Signature Experience is taking all the data that we gather about the brand to produce — an aesthetic brand and website, yes — but also a clear brand voice and website that’s functional and experiential. 

“Our branding and website match our years in business and creative prowess,” Cayla and David said during our rebranding consultation. They especially liked how the mock-ups “shines a light on our unique approach and style both to our work and as a team.” 

With their new story-like photography custom brand aesthetic and whimsical Showit website design, we were able to achieve the umbrella goal of all businesses. Cayla explained it in a seriously clever real estate metaphor: “We eliminated the people needing to schedule with a realtor to see us and sell us, and now we’re an open house with a pool and a great view.”

Carhart Photography's custom brand and Showit website design by Carrylove Designs. View the adventurous, story-book inspired brand.

Website Design is More Than Looking Pretty

Based on our consultations, Cayla and David agreed with our three main goals for their website:

  • Increase organic traffic
  • Create an experience on the site
  • Showcase their personalities

Remember just a few seconds ago we mentioned that websites must be function and experiential? Well, this is the time we put those words into action.

We took everything we learned about the Carhart Photography brand — their needs, wants, and goals — and put it together in a unique, distinctive Showit website that genuinely represents the powerhouse couple.

“I now feel like our brand and our website represent who we are behind-the-scenes,” Cayla and David said to us.

That phrase is one of the most important phrases to the team here at CarryLove Designs. We strive to achieve brand confidence with each client as they go through our Signature Experience.

Carhart Photography's custom brand and Showit website design by Carrylove Designs. View the adventurous, story-book inspired brand.

But What About the Results?

Within just two hours of their new rebranding and Showit website launch, Cayla and David were able to book two ideal clients. And the next hour, another one.

And like we always say, it’s not the beautiful “storefront” we create — no, it’s tough stuff: the research, the SEO, and strategies that we implement that take our client’s brands to the next level.

And now if you’ll excuse us for a second, we’re going to a take a victory bite of our jackfruit tacos.

Reaching Our Final Destination

We had a blast working with Carhart Photography on their custom brand and Showit Website. The Austin-based photography brand couple has big dreams and big hearts and we’re honored to be a part of their storybook now.

When asking them about their overall experience they told us, “This whole process has truly been a lot of fun. You all are dealing with people who are very attached to the thing they’re trusting you with and you handle it with grace. It’s well worth the investment and the trust fall.”
If you’re interested in how you can achieve the same results, while still having time to watch the latest episode of The Bachelor, come talk to us! We promise we don’t bite… well, unless you’re a jackfruit taco.

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