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Holly and AJ of Holly Marie Photography first joined our Facebook group to see how Carrylove Designs could help their wedding photography business’s web design and brand marketing. They were lurkers at first, but that quickly changed after we showed them we were different than most marketing and design agencies.

“It’s a nerve-wracking thing to do,” Holly admitted. “I basically put my whole personality, my deep thoughts, hopes, and dreams in your hands. I’m so grateful I took that leap and trusted you.”

We totally get it! It’s not easy to trust a stranger with your business, especially since it’s an investment into your own creation. But that’s why we have an intimate get-to-know-each-other process with our clients before we start touching any web design or branding aspect.

When we started to get to know Holly and AJ and what their wedding photography brand was all about, we immediately noticed how carefree they were, and silly they liked to be. Holly was always known as “Happy Holly” and AJ was everyone’s best friend.

These characteristics definitely inspired our web design and marketing plans for their now vibrant-happy-go-lucky vibe.

A wedding photography brand for Holly Marie Photography located in Austin, Texas

“Our goal is to put the fun back into engagement[s],” Holly and AJ told us when describing their usual theme for their wedding photography brand.

It only made sense that their brand image and website had to be as lively as Holly and AJ are.

In fact, their mission statement says is straight-out that they love to have fun: “We are an Austin, Texas-based wedding photography duo committed to celebrating your Big Day by capturing every joyous, unscripted moment.” 

The words “joyous and unscripted,” were perfect for this wedding photography duo. When they provided us photos of themselves during the web design process, there were only genuine smiles and laughter to be seen. They were naturally optimistic, fun people.

“I wanted to speak to and serve this one specific bride (or couple!) and my current presence was seriously falling flat,” Holly recalled about her beginning struggles before seeking help.

So, with this in mind, we got to work and made sure to take all these core characteristics of who Holly and AJ were, and made Holly Marie Photography’s brand strategy and web design mockups.

A wedding photography brand for Holly Marie Photography located in Austin, Texas

The color palette we ended up choosing for them was complete with pinks, forest green, yellows, and a few more fun, light-hearted characters. The fonts we chose were modern, but exude a humble charm. The overall layout of their website is also very bouncy, airy, and some of it is interactive!

Holly also told us that, “[Aj’s] calm demeanor of his perfectly complements my endless enthusiasm,” and we ran with that statement. We made sure to throw in a lot of fun, easy language on their new website that would take the stress out of wedding planning.

The new design was unmistakeably Holly and AJ.

“My business will have a sturdy foundation because my brand messaging is strong and consistent. Because of that, it has the legs to go the distance and continue to grow!” Holly said after we presented the mockups to her and AJ.

When we were wrapping things up, we asked her how differently she felt, now that we were at the end of the process versus when we started. Our Signature Experience is all about being for, and with, our clients every single step of the way until they feel confident to be on their own.

A wedding photography brand for Holly Marie Photography located in Austin, Texas

“So confident!” Holly exclaimed. “I started with an idea that I felt so passionate about and now it’s blossomed into something so amazing! I don’t think I could’ve imagined how this would all turn, but it’s perfect. I feel that all my decisions moving forward will be founded on my brand.”

This was a big learning experience for Holly and Aj. And now, they’re prepped for the future and how they will tackle their business from now on.

They said one of the biggest takeaways was that “it’s okay to go against the grain and not do what everyone else is doing, or what you ‘should’ be doing.”

And that was when I knew we succeeded. Of course, our main goal is to provide web design and branding help, but instilling this type of knowledge and confidence in our clients is what we truly strive for.

A wedding photography brand for Holly Marie Photography located in Austin, Texas

Check out Holly Marie Photography by clicking here. And if you’re interested in knowing more about how we can help you with our award-winning Signature Experience, drop us a note. We love making new friends.

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