3 Things Your Website Needs to Attract Ideal Clients and Get Leads

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Your website shouldn’t be just pretty. The main point of your website is to turn viewers into potential clients. That means every detail of your website should leave them wanting more. Below are the 3 things your website needs to attract ideal clients and get leads.


3 Things Your Website Needs to Attract Ideal Clients and Get Leads

There are few main points that your website needs to have for two reasons. The first reason is to speak to your ideal client. The second is to gain more client lead inquiries from your website.


No. 1: Your website must pass the ’10-Second Test’

So, what’s the 10-Second Test you ask? Within 10 seconds of a viewer arriving at your website, they should be able to answer these three questions.

  • What problem do you solve?
  • Who do you serve?
  • How do they buy? (Or what do you want them to do next?)

If they can’t answer these three questions then your website is off to a bad start. People, in general, are lazy, myself included, we aren’t going to put a ton of brain power trying to figure out what your website and business are all about. You need to tell us directly. That means no fancy or cutesy words or terms. Simple and straight to the point.


No.2: Your portfolio needs to be consistent

A lot of my clients want to include at least one or two images of every session they ever did, ever. Keep in mind, your portfolio is about you and attracting new clients. Don’t try to please past clients by including them in your portfolio

Your portfolio should also have a consistent editing style. This helps viewers decide if they like your editing style. If all of your images are edited differently then they don’t know what to expect. If your portfolio isn’t easy to change on your website I would recommend switching to the Showit platform. You can easily update your portfolio when 3 clicks of the mouse.


You need to create a relationship with your viewers

Most viewers don’t purchase or inquire the first time they view your website. Typically, it takes 6 to 8 touch points before someone is ready to buy. That means you need to create some sort of opt-in for your viewers so you can get their email address and start building a relationship with them.


21 Opt-in Ideas for Photographers


No. 3: You need to have your call-to-action in at least three different places

You must make it exactly clear what you want viewers to do next. Do you want them to fill out your contact form? Schedule a meeting? Download your freebie?

I recommend placing your call-to-action in these three places:

  1. Top right-hand corner of your website: This is the most valuable piece of real estate you have. Use it wisely. Make it stand out in color. so it’s visible.
  2. Footer of your website: Your footer is on every single page and users scroll to the bottom to find links that may not be in your main menu.
  3. Within your copy: I recommend placing your call-to-action within the copy of your website on every single page to ensure it’s not missed or forgotten about.

Putting your call-to-action in these three places will ensure you get more client leads filling up your inbox.

Overall, if you make these three changes to your website you should see an increase in leads and a decrease in your bounce rate. Keep in mind, viewers want to be led where to go next. Don’t leave them aimlessly wondering around your website.

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