6 C’s of Successful Branding

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About a month ago or so, I went to a marketing workshop, and they broke down what’s called their five C’s of branding. And of course from there I went to do my research on these, on their five C’s of branding and I managed to tweak and take what they taught and turn it into my own six cs of branding. And so today I’m going to be breaking down of what those six C’s are of branding, how they help you forge an emotional connection and how that’s going to lead the sales for you. Here are the 6 C’s of Successful Branding…

6 C’s of Successful Branding


The first C to a successful brand is Clarity. And I talk about this one a lot. Clarity is knowing who it is you serve, who your target audience is, and what value you provide. So this is why I talk about in the ten-second test for your website, within the first 10 seconds, this should be clear. You should have clarity about it around your whole, within your whole brand.

If any of this is unclear to you, you don’t know who you serve, who your target audience is, or what value you provide; then we need to go back to the drawing board. That’s the foundation of your brand. If we don’t have clarity around that then your ideal clients not going to have clarity, they’re going to be confused. And the confusion does not lead to sales.


The second C is Character. We want to build a character around our brand. Are we personable and happy? Are we relaxed? The question you need to ask yourself is, how do you want clients to feel when they interact with your brand? For my brand, I am personable. I’m happy. And so I want my clients to feel that too whenever I interact with them.

However, I still play on the professional side of things. So there’s a teeter between personable, happy, and professional. And throughout the years, I’ve used specific phrases and keywords that you’ll see throughout my branding. You’ll see it whenever you sign on for the signature experience. You’ll see it throughout my emails with the follow-ups, on quotes, etc. It’s just something that I’ve woven into my brand throughout the years. The way that I like to ask it is whenever you see your brand as a person, imagine that they’re at a bar. What are they drinking? What are they wearing? Are they the life of the party and talking to other patrons at the bar, or are they on the dance floor with their best friends? Are they the wallflower? What kind of character does your brand have? That’s the second C to a successful brand.

6 C's of Successful Branding


The third one is Consistency. We want to be consistent with whatever character that we are building. Does the tone in your blog match the copy that’s on your Instagram captions? Do the photos evoke the same type of mood and feeling that your Instagram feed does? We want to start building up consistency in all aspects of our brand, and ultimately, that’s what’s going to create a memorable experience and positive emotions for your clients.


The fourth C is Conversation. Successful brands invite their potential clients, their clients, into a conversation with them. It may start with somebody who newly started following you, and they start commenting on your Instagram posts, and you comment on theirs. And then they join your newsletter list. And so you send out a weekly newsletter. They start replying to your newsletter and building the conversation from there. And eventually, you can encourage them to share their stories and highlight their victories and make them feel like they are an essential part of the conversation. Whenever this begins to happen for a while, then you start building up to our next C, which is culture.


Culture can be broken down into two different wings. So you have your internal culture within your company. Places like Google and Apple do an excellent job of creating an internal culture. Then you have your external culture, and that is with your potential clients. Somebody who also does an excellent job of this that I follow along with is Jasmine Star. She does a great job of creating a consistent culture. She does it consistently, and she carries it over into the culture externally. The way that she comments back on people’s YouTube comments, the way that she interacts with them on their Instagram live. She has done a fantastic job of building a culture where everybody is accepted.


You have your conversation, which leads to a culture, and then eventually they become a part of a Community, our final C. And whenever your clients can feel like they are a part of something bigger, like a movement or revolution, VIP, insider’s club, etc. then they will become a loyal customer, and they will start telling their friends and their friends of friends and everybody about your brand. That’s like the highest level that you can have. So it starts with the conversation. It will lead to a culture where they begin connecting with you a little bit more than just a few comments here and there. Then with that, they will start to become hopefully part of your community. They will buy into your programs; they’ll buy into your services, they will come apart of your movement and get behind your story and intertwine their story with it so that they become a loyal, raving fan of yours.

Hopefully, you can start breaking down these 6 C’s of Successful branding for yourself so that you can begin building a million-dollar brand.

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