Showit Web Design | Jenni Engel Photography

Here at Carrylove Designs, we specialize in brand and Showit web design — but we approach it in a non-traditional way. A way that would probably make most designers and marketers shake their heads and wag their fingers.

But we understand the online world is changing. And it’s also saturated with content. So it’s our job as a modern web design company to be aware of this, and use data-and-logic driven methods that challenge the by-book approaches.

We think of it like, we’re learning to be street-smart and book-smart, in a world full of rulebook-abiding companies.

And this is exactly why one of our newest clients, Jenni Engel of Jenni Engel Photography came to us for help for her photography brand and web design questions.

Showit Web Design | Jenni Engel Photography

She requested our Signature Experience program — a web design plus (re)branding program based on the idealogy that beauty doesn’t sell. Sure, beauty will get people interested, but the admirers don’t pay the bills. Instead, the Signature Experience approaches branding and marketing from a scientific standpoint. From there, we base our web design based on the results.

It sounds a little robotic on paper, but this all stemmed from my root passion: creating beautiful designs. And seeing clients achieve their business goals has proven to be the most fulfilling outcome of this venture.

When we were getting to know Jenni and her budding photography business, a few key things stood out to us that helped us form a calculated web design for her. One of these things was that she’s been a life-long photographer due to her adoration for capturing people’s stories and special moments.

“I’ve always felt as though our stories matter and they needed to be documented. Naturally, I was always the one documenting moments for friends,” she told us.

Another thing was that her friends are super important to her because they encouraged her to start her business. Now, she’s all about serving others through her photography.

“I’m not sure I would have started my business without their prompting,” Jenni said. Now, she’s “taking the appropriate steps for this business to serve adoptive families well. That is really what matters most to me — loving and serving others well.”

This touched our hearts. One of the important starting steps in the Signature Experience program is to figure out our client’s unique story, and this was it for Jenni’s photography business.

Without a unique story, no good web design or proper branding help can happen.

Showit Web Design | Jenni Engel Photography

“I ultimately chose to work with the Carrylove Designs team because of how much emphasis was on the brand messaging,” she told us. “I wasn’t looking for another website template that looked like what someone else had. I needed my brand and website to reflect me in a unique way.”

When she told me this, I smiled because this is exactly what we strive to do with each client. As we get intimate with our client’s brands, we see the vast differences between each one. If every brand is different, why would you apply the same ol’ template for each business?

For Jenni, we based our designs for her photography business all around her central theme: serving others.

“Personally, I am more empowered and encouraged when I can see my business as a way to serve others. I think this lens matters.”

The whole web design process was a natural one with Jenni as we got further into our program and we had meaningful conversations beyond the mundane scripts most client-and-business coaches would typically have. But that doesn’t it was easy in the beginning stages.

“As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to never ‘shut off’ and always be working,” Jenni shared.

Showit Web Design | Jenni Engel Photography

We totally understand that as a new business owner, it’s oftentimes super difficult to ask for help because it’s hard to let go of any level of control.

That’s why we strive to also have a collaborative, trusting relationship. It helps everyone feel more comfortable throughout these often confusing stages of a budding business.

During one of our many conversations when we were getting to know Jenni and Jenni Engel Photography, she said that’s the piece of advice she’d give a new business owner is to “hire out where [you’re] not an expert.”

Showit Web Design

“This brand and website is literally my heart. And as an entrepreneur, this experience changed how I view what I have to offer clients and how I can best serve them.”

We’ve been working hard with Jenni on her entire web design and branding process through our step-by-step Signature Experience game plan, which has eventually led to her exciting Showit web design launch!

Check out Jenni’s exciting new Showit web design launch for her photography business and how she’s fulfilling her mission through her art, by clicking here.

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