Write an About Page that Sells

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Most people don’t understand what the job of an about page is truly for. This isn’t the first day of fourth grade when your teacher asks you to write a page about yourself. An about page should sell your product or service. There are a few key components that you must include if you want to write an about page that sells.


How to Write an About Page that Sells


Start by Talking about Your Ideal Client, Not about Yourself

I say this to all my clients — people don’t care about you. They care about how you’re going to help solve their problems. Overall, your about page should say this is what I do to help you.

A good opening sentence to start your about page is one that talks about your ideal client’s main challenge or pain point and how your service or product fixes it. Stating that first helps you to, not only, hook the reader but prove you have their needs in mind.


Add your Mission, Vision, and Value Statements

Your potential clients do want to know some information about you but remember to keep the goal in mind: to turn readers into clients. Adding to your about page that you love Starbucks, fluffy cats, and rainy days doesn’t sell your product or service. What does sell yourself and your product is your mission, vision, and core values.


Mission Statement

Your mission statement is the why you started your business in the first place. If you’re a wedding photographer, why do spend your Saturday evenings photographing someone else’s Big Day rather than spend the weekend with your family? If you’re a cake decorator, why do you wake up at 5 AM on a Friday morning to bake a delicious cake you won’t get to taste?

Your mission statement is the foundation of your entire business and should answer the following:

  • Express your company’s purpose: why you’re in business, what problem you solve.
  • Inspire or support an ongoing commitment
  • Set the tone for your business
  • Outline your main, concrete goal


Vision Statement

If your mission statement is your why; then your vision statement is your how. How do you plan on achieving your mission statement? A good vision statement should be inspiring and show your uniqueness. It should also let your potential client’s know how you plan on impacting their life.


Value Statements

Your value statements are your core values. What moral code do you operate your business on? What traits are important to your business.

For Carrylove Designs, our core values are:

We will encourage our clients through our on-going support.

We embrace our clients sharing their diverse ideas, viewpoints, and challenges, and wins.

We inspire our clients to explore new opportunities that will help their business grow.

We strive to better our client’s quality of life and provide the highest quality of value possible.

We value our client’s opinions and contribution to the process.

You can have as few or as many core values are you want to address. These values help your potential clients see the heart behind your business and help them know what to expect when choosing to work with your business.


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Less Text, More Graphics

This one is pretty easy to understand but can be tricky to accomplish unless you’re a badass illustrator. Generally, your audience is going to skim over huge chunks of text and won’t take the time to read paragraphs. However, if you make it visually pleasing readers will be much more engaged.


Add a Call-To-Action at the end

After your audience gets done reading your about page, give them somewhere to go or do next. Add a call-to-action (CTA) so they continue getting you know your business. I recommend adding a relevant CTA at the end of every single one of your web pages.


Featured Creatives Who have Killer About Pages

Need some inspiration? These lovelies have phenomenal about pages that aren’t about themselves.


Maggie Giele, Digital Strategist

Why it’s works?

Maggie’s opening line says, “Does your marketing make you feel like you’re screaming into the void?” It’s attention-grabbing but isn’t about herself. She is doing a great job at taking what potentially could be huge chunks of text and making them into easy-to-read graphics.  She also has on her about page her core values listed out as well as testimonials from past clients. Click here, to view the entire page.


How to write an about page that sells



maggie giele's about page



Nicholette Von Reiche, Canva Queen

Why it’s works?

Nicholette’s about page is working for her because she clearly within the first sentence of her about page who she helps, states their pain point, and how she solves it. She also clearly has her mission, vision, and core values laid out. Aside from that, she also has a call-to-action within her about page. Click here, to view the entire page.

How to write an about page that sells

Write an about page that sells


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  1. Nikki says:

    Thank you! I HATE writing “about me” pages and am in the process of revamping mine. This is great!

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