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business founded on love, hard work, and passion for wedding pros and photographers ready to make their vision of success a reality.

I'm Amanda. I believe in the magic of coffee and power of brand identity.

Before I had a baby and before I got fired from my corporate marketing job -- I spent tons of time on research, trial and error, learning from mistakes, and finessing my craft.

You can’t have a good idea and a mediocre business to turn your vision of success into reality.

You need to have an overall brand presence and long-term strategy. Let’s start putting those things into place because I want to help you achieve your vision of success.

let's get personal

Fun Facts


After graduating with a degree in Graphic Design, I started my brand and marketing career in Houston, Texas working for Shell Oil on their Creative Marketing Team.


I met my husband online in a chatroom when we were 16. We didn't meet in person until 5 years later when I spontaneously bought a plane ticket to Georgia at 2 A.M. for a flight that departed at eight hours later. True love, y'all.


My passion for working with wedding industry professionals started with my sister, who was a wedding videographer. I love the sense of community and passion wedding pros and photographers have. Their enthusiasm and willingness to serve lights me up.  


My husband, daughter, and I -- along with our two pups -- currently are living in 250 square feet. We have managed to pay off nearly $15,000 in debt in 7 months. We are currently building a house near Austin, Texas that we will move into Winter of 2018.


No meal is complete if it doesn't end with chocolate.

what carrylove designs is about

Core Values

At Carrylove Designs, the mission is to help wedding industry professionals and photographers create a strong brand identity so that they can raise their prices while gaining more clients and confidence.

the mission

The vision for Carrylove Designs is to inspire our clients to lead a high quality of life by achieving their aspirations through the power of brand identity.

the vision

what you can expect

Moral Compass


We encourage our clients through our on-going support.

We embrace our clients sharing their diverse ideas, viewpoints, and challenges, and wins.


Just as our client inspire us, we inspire our clients to explore new opportunities that will help their business grow.


We strive to better our client’s quality of life and provide the highest quality of value possible.


We value our client’s opinions and contribution to the process.