Creative Process: Timeless Styled Events Brand and Website Launch

I am so pleased to announce the launch of Timeless Styled Events brand and website design. I’m going to take your behind the scenes of the creative process from start to finish. So you can understand the amount of work and creativity that gets poured into each client and project.

The Creative Process: Timeless Styled Events Brand and Website Launch

Brand Strategy

If you listen to my Brand and Plan podcast, then you’ll know one of the main differences between a low-end and high-end designer is the strategy. A low-end designer will merely create what you ask. A high-end designer will dig into your core values, business goals, ideal client, your local market and competitors to find a solution for your brand.

For Timeless Styled Events (TSE), we spent time understanding what type of bride they wanted to attract with their new brand and website design. Currently, TSE’s brand was too whimsical and dainty. Mary, the owner, felt it wasn’t a good representation of her, the team, or their clients.

Something that stood out to me was her use of the word ‘barefoot’ each time when describing her bride. And the sense of wanderlust in their portfolio of past events. We also used Mary’s love of thrifting to influence the brand design as well.

Overall, we wanted to capture a timeless, vintage brand design with a touch of modern flair to appeal to a specific type of bride. A kind of bride who was free-spirited, an adventurer, and has a bohemian style.

Logo Design

Creative Process: Timeless Styled Events Brand and Website Launch Brand Board
Creative Process: Timeless Styled Events Brand and Website Launch
Creative Process: Timeless Styled Events Brand and Website Launch Business Card

For the logo, we wanted to keep it timeless and stay away from anything too modern and in-style. We worked with a few font variations but decided on a decorative serif font that screamed classic yet bold.

We wanted her logo to immediately convey a wedding and event planning company for barefoot and offbeat couples that love vintage and adventure.

Brand Design

The color palette was curated using photos of past events, her Pinterest board and the notion of a warm, welcoming brand. We worked a few different taglines and decided to keep a variation of them for different uses.


One of the (many) perks of working with us is because we have a professional copywriter that curates all of our clients’ words for the website and launch strategy.

Custom Brand Photography

I always recommend investing in brand photos during your brand and website experience. The images will perfectly match your new brand. We use them on the website, social media and any other collateral we’re creating.

Creative Process: Timeless Styled Events Brand and Website Launch

Website Design

This is one of my favorite parts of the process because it’s where everything comes together. Different elements like:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Custom Brand Photography
  • Copywriting

All of these elements have been built up to be showcased on the website. One of our clients’ most critical marketing pieces.

Creative Process: Timeless Styled Events Brand and Website Launch

For Timeless Styled Events website, we really wanted to create an experience as soon as a potential client landed on the site. We wanted the viewer to feel welcomed and get a sense of the overall luxury experience.

Our copywriter takes time to pull out headers, call-to-actions and buttons so then it’s our turn to take that word document and turn it into a beautiful, strategic design.

Launch Strategy

Recently, we introduced launch strategy into the Signature Experience. I was getting feedback that a lot of clients weren’t sure how to launch their brand and website into the world and tell their audience.

I took that valuable feedback brainstormed, studied and put together a solution to help my clients make the most out of their Signature Experience.

Creative Process: Timeless Styled Events Brand and Website Launch

To kick-off the launch strategy, we get on a strategy call to discuss your goals with the rebrand, your audience and what you want to happen within the first month of your brand and website being launched.

From there we craft a custom launch plan with a step-by-step process laid out. Which includes social media graphics and captions ideas to help create hype and bring your audience into the experience.

Our goal with the launch strategy is to bring your audience into the experience and create hype and excitement around the launch of your brand and website.

As you can tell the Signature Experience is a high touch-point experience that is equal parts design as it is strategy. I’m a firm believer that beauty doesn’t sell when it comes to branding. Beauty will get your brand noticed, but it takes strategy and intentional design to turn your audience into paying clients.

The Signature Experience will transform your clientele, your profit and the direction of your business. Book your complimentary discovery call to learn more about how we can help you with your brand and website design.

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