Modern Brand Reveal for Mel Christina Photography

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If you’re a fan of modern and authentic design then this brand reveal is one you don’t want to miss. Mel Christina is a photographer based in Austin, Texas who is inspired by unscripted beauty. Mel reached out to after discovering my work on Instagram and she’s been an absolute delight to collaborate with.

Modern Brand Reveal for Mel Christina Photography

Modern Brand Reveal for Mel Christina Photography

Mel has an eye for design herself and came to me with different styles; modern and clean, yet edgy and natural. Our process included discovering a way to successfully marry the two styles. The first step was to create a Pinterest board highlighting both those styles. The finished product shows how modern and clean can integrate with edgy and natural.

Mel Christina also has a heart for mentoring. Together, we wanted to help other photographers decide if now is the right time to invest in brand design for themselves.

How did you decide it was the right time to invest in your brand?

Mel: I left my “real job” in late spring of this year and decided I was going to pursue my dream job, photography. With so many new changes happening all at once, both internally and externally, I wanted to start this adventure with a presence that conveyed my personality, vision, and aesthetic style. I also was super giddy about the process of creating a brand identity that can communicate my passion for this art and work.

Did you learn anything new about yourself during the process?

Mel: I learned to trust my creative instincts and vision. I also learned about the experience of collaborating with a designer to create something meaningful can be a wonderful journey. I learned to trust the process! I learned how extensive the work of a web designer can get. Amanda balances the technical/creative aspect and customer service end to package and delivers amazing results.

Have you noticed a change in the way you approach your business after finishing the branding process?

Mel: I instantly felt more confident about my web and social media presence. The value of investing in a brand identity is very powerful in many ways. It added both practical and artistic value to my current and future workflow. I’m super grateful I did this at the front end of launching my business.

What advice would you give other photographers who are thinking about investing in their brand?

Mel: Do it! If you can…and as much as you can! This is a process that has so much potential value!

Modern Brand Reveal for Mel Christina Photography


We built Mel’s website using the platform Showit. With each website design client, I offer a free tutorial to show you how to continually update your website and Mel found it easy to update her galleries with Showit.

It was so much fun to work with Mel. You can view her website here.

I enjoyed working with Amanda! She is an outstanding designer and has a sharp sense for matching branding styles with her clients! I have received so much positive feedback on the branding and site she put together for me! – Mel Christina

Are you ready to create your intentional and profitable brand? I only work with 5 brand design clients per month, and I would love to work together. Visit my brand experience page for full details!

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