Two Ways to Automate your Marketing

Many of us are business owners, parents, spouses, chefs, maids – the list goes on. When life gets busy and we have difficulty finding time in our day to shower, marketing for our business gets put on the backburner. There are many different ways you can automate your marketing. Today I am going to show you two ways to automate your marketing during a busy season.

Two Ways to Automate Your Marketing

After we finish a client project and send them their final files, it can easy to move on to the next project. But we often miss out on a key marketing piece we could ask our past clients for, testimonials. Testimonials are a powerful way to market your business. I have set up a system in my business that allows me to gather testimonials without even having to think about it.

Testimonials on Autopilot

If you have a Customer Management System then you have the ability to set up workflows. I personally use 17Hats* and have set up an automatic workflow that allows a request for a testimonial to be sent out to clients after we finish our project together.

When a client fills out the inquiry form on my website, it automatically starts a workflow. 90 days after they fill out that form an email from 17Hats will be sent to me asking to approve a questionnaire requesting a testimonial to go out. All I have to do is approve the questionnaire and it’s sent the clients way. Below is a tutorial on how to set it up inside 17hats.


Instagram Marketing on Autopilot

30 days on Instagram content in just a few hours

During the height of busy season, I see a lot of fellow creatives disappear on social media and it’s because they don’t have time to post. When that happens they’re missing out on potential clients seeing their work. The second way to automate your marketing is through a visual planner for Instagram. Planoly is a great choice because they allow you to track helpful analytics as well.

With Planoly* I am able to plan out a full month’s worth of posts in just a few hours. Below is a tutorial on how you can do the same.


Two Ways to Automate Your Marketing

Finding ways to automate your marketing is helpful so you’re always getting new eyes on your business even when you’re too busy to be on the front lines marketing yourself. What are some ways you automate marketing within your business?

*This post does include affiliate links at no extra cost to you! They are just awesome services I use and love.

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