What Your Instagram Profile is Missing

Two seconds from viewing any Instagram profile you can tell is somewhat understands what the social media outlet is for or if they’re completely missing the point. Some accounts you click on immediately give you a spammy-vibe which leaves you feeling “ick”. Others, lead you on a journey with them and invite you to have a social conversation with them. We all want to the latter; inviting our audience on a journey with us. Below are some key points of what your Instagram profile is missing.


What your Instagram Profile is Missing


A Professional Headshot of YOU

This is the easiest and most missed marked. Your well-polished Instagram profile is missing an image of you. We all can agree, social media is about engaging in a conversation with your audience and connecting on a more personal level. If that’s the case then why are you using your logo or something else other than you as your profile picture?

Next Step: Take a professional photo of yourself and change your profile to that image. Crop the photo to your shoulders and above. We don’t want to use a full-body shot because then we will lose detail.


Your Location

If you are a service-based business, meaning you focus on a primary area, and you don’t state your location in your profile then you are losing business. If you are local to an area and travel as well then write that. Very few people will take the time to hunt down or ask your location. This also helps Instagram index your profile and bring your account up in relevant searches.

Next step: Add your location either in the bio if you have a personal account or if you have a business account then add it to your Instagram account by clicking the gear icon then selecting ‘Edit Profile’ and then click ‘Contact Options’.

What your Instagram Profile is missing: How to Add your Location to Business Instagram Profile


Who you Serve

Your Instagram profile is missing who you serve. Are you a photographer who enjoys and specializes in photographing outdoor, small ceremonies? Are you a makeup artist that only uses chemical-free makeup? Your Instagram bio on your profile should entice and speak to your ideal client.

Next Step: Read your Instagram Bio and see if you are speaking to who you want to attract.


A Way to Contact You

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve wanted to connect with other creatives through Instagram and couldn’t figure out how to contact them outside of Instagram. People are busy and lazy. Very few will go out of their way to find an email address, a phone number, a website, etc. to take the relationship off Instagram. Make it easy for them to connect with you off social media.

Next Step: Visit your profile or have a friend visit it. Could you easily find a way to connect with you outside of Instagram?

Your Instagram profile is the first thing people see when they click on your name. We want to make sure it’s a strong first impression that answers all their immediate questions and allows them to connect with you. If you enjoyed these tips download the Instagram Bio Guide and read more tips and strategies to get found and seen by your ideal client.


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