How To Craft Your Instagram Bio To Attract Potential Clients

Are you on Instagram trying to get potential clients attention? Have you ever come across an Instagram bio so good you clicked on the link because you were intrigued and wanted to learn more about that person or business? Today, we are going to learn step-by-step how to craft your killer Instagram bio so potential clients take the next step in hiring you!


How To Craft Your Instagram Bio To Attract Potential Clients


Amanda Shuman | How to Craft Instagram Bio Attract Ideal Clients


1. Your Instagram Profile picture should be your headshot

If you’re a blogger, maker, coach, event planner, florist, etc., you should be using a professional headshot of yourself. It’s called ‘social media’ for a reason — people want to connect with a person, not a logo, a flower, or a building as your profile picture.

When you’re trying to grow your Instagram account and you’re spending time liking and commenting on others pictures when the other user sees a logo pop up on their notifications they won’t think much of it. It makes your Instagram looks like spam and people disengage.

Your headshot should be consistent with your current brand. The tone should match how you interact with your clients. If you’re really energetic and upbeat then your picture should reflect that. Bonus points if your profile picture matches your brand colors!


how to craft your Instagram bio to attract potential clients


2. Add your location if you service one location

If you don’t have the capability to serve anyone and everyone around the U.S. or the world then you need to include your location in your Instagram bio. If you’re running your Instagram on a business account then go into settings, click ‘Contact Options’ and enter either your full address if you have a brick and mortar store or just your city, state. If you’re running on a personal account then be sure to add it in your bio text.

Adding your location gives other users the ability to find you better when searching. If you’re a photographer trying to find new clients on Instagram and you don’t have your location in your bio then you’re losing out on a lot of opportunities.

If I am searching for a photographer on Instagram my first thought is to go to the ‘Search’ tab and type in ‘Austin Photographer’ or if I am looking for a specific type of photographer then, ‘Austin Headshot Photographer’. If you don’t give Instagram any indication of where you’re located at then they can’t populate you into the search results. Which brings me to my next point…


3. Use all of your hashtags

Using hashtags is another way people can search for relevant results. If you’re trying to reach new people and gain more relevant followers than this vital. If you just posted a new photo of a headshot session that you recently shot in Austin, Texas then you use ALL of your 30 hashtags. Tip: If you type a word into the ‘search’ then click ‘tags’, Instagram will show you relevant hashtags to use. Here’s an example of utilizing all of your hashtags — get creative!

#austintx #austintexas #austinphotographer #austinphotography #austinheadshotphotography #risingtidesociety #austintxlife #photooftheday #headshotphotography #portraitphotography #austinheadshots #naturallight #beatuyportrait #atx #atxphotog #atxphotographer #nikon #communityovercompetion #headshotsession #headshotsonly #professionalheadshots #onlocation #locationshooting #rts #austintexasblogger #zilkerpark #downtownaustin #austinprofessional #atxlife #professionalphotographer

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4. You don’t HAVE to use full sentences

On your bio, you don’t have to use complete sentences. No one is judging your grammar. Your bio is used for people to understand what it is that you do, who you help, and what they gain from hiring you. You have 150 characters to do that in, so using complete sentences is sometimes a waste of characters.

Another mistake users do is add in useless information that doesn’t drive sales, inquiries, or clicks to your website. If you’re a wedding planner and it says in your bio you have five cats then you need to change that. Someone who is viewing your Instagram out of interest in hiring you doesn’t care about your love for cats. Only add relevant information to your bio.


how to craft your Instagram bio to attract potential clients


5. Your bio isn’t just about yourself

I touched on this in my previous point — your Instagram bio should state what it is that you do but it should primarily focus on who it is that you serve and what problem your service or product solves. People aren’t intrigued by what it is that you do. They want to know how you help them. If you’re an event planner and you specialize in planning corporate parties than your bio needs to reflect that so a relevant audience is drawn to your account.


how to craft your Instagram bio to attract potential clients


6. Add a Call-to-action

Lastly, you need to give people a reason to click on your link and learn more. Maybe if you’re a photographer you could attach your media kit so people can easily view your prices and packages or if you’re trying to grow your email list then you offer a freebie in exchange for their email address.

However, your call-to-action needs to relevant to your audience or ideal clientele. If you’re a photographer and your call-to-action links me to a free Instagram Marketing Checklist then I’ll be confused.

You need to also make sure your link takes me right to the page you’re referring to in your bio. If you promise a free email series and the link directs me to your homepage I am not going to spend time searching for the offer. You need to make it easy and clear for people to find what they’re looking for.




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