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Flodesk has done it again! If you use their platform, you probably just received an email in your inbox that says, “show me the data.” In this email, Flodesk announced that they have a whole new way of analyzing your marketing data so you can learn how to strategically reach new clients and improve your email marketing.

Flodesk users have always been able to see data on specific emails, such as total sent and delivered. With these new super-charged analytics, though, you can see how successful your email marketing is all across the board.

What exactly does this entail though? These new analytics include data for specific workflows, email campaigns, and even individual subscriber data — which is all super useful information to know if you want to level up your email marketing game. This is also helpful for making sure your evergreen content stays fresh and relevant to incoming subscribers.

P.S. Can we also pause to celebrate how great these visuals are?

Let’s dive into the specifics about what these tools mean and how you can use them to your advantage.

Your Flodesk email analytics, explained

First, you’re going to want to know how to access your regular email analytics as that’s probably where you’re going to be spending most of your time. Flodesk has made it really easy to access, so here’s how to do it:

  • Go to your Flodesk dashboard
  • Hover over any recent email and click “View results”
  • A landing page will pop up titled “Explore the story of your send”

You’ll see graphics as you scroll, which are the new Flodesk analytic tools. Let’s go over them in detail.

Email marketing analytics with Flodesk display individual email data at a glance

At a glance

These bar graphs will show you at a glance how well your email did in terms of how many of the emails sent were delivered, opened, and how many clicks it got. This is valuable information because you can take this data and compare it with your other emails to see which types of emails your audience is interested in — do they open and click on more information-type emails, promo emails, or lifestyle emails? Knowing this can allow you to hone in on your email strategy.

Another great thing about this (and the rest of the analytic tools, for that matter) is that it’s all visual, and so this makes it, again, easy to directly compare your emails.

Email marketing analytics with Flodesk display open rates and click rates


Scrolling down past the bar graphs, you’ll see your open rate and click rate, or engagement. You can also see how many total opens and clicks your email received, and how many of those were unique. Before we get into more detail about this, let’s brush-up on our vocabulary:

  • Total opens and clicks = the sum total of all the opens and clicks your email received.
  • Unique opens and clicks = the amount of unique (individuals) subscribers that opened and clicked the email.

So now looking back at the circle graph, if you click on the plus sign in the bottom right-hand corner, Flodesk explains more in-depth how to read these analytics. They’ll remind you how many people you sent the email to, how many times it was opened and clicked, and by how many subscribers. 

To put this into a concrete example, Carrylove Designs sends out a weekly Monday Marketing email with a “cheat-sheet” of marketing tips that usually contains a few links. By viewing these analytics, we can compare which links and emails get the most opens and clicks. By using this data, we can create emails that we know will most likely be more of interest to our subscribers.

Email marketing analytics with Flodesk display deliverability and device details


Past the engagement circle graphs, you can see which devices — mobile or desktop — were used more often, as well as how many clicks your email got per device. By using this data, you can optimize your emails, design-wise. In fact, right above the graphs, they provided a link that will teach you the best practices for both mobile and desktop.


In this section, you can see the percentage of emails that were delivered without bouncing. Deliverability is super important to be aware of because you wouldn’t have any analytics in the first place if your emails aren’t making it to anyone’s inbox. If you want to learn more about how to minimize your soft and hard bounces and get your emails out of your subscribers’ spam and into their inboxes, check out this video.

Bounces, unsubscribes, and spams

Seeing how many emails bounced, subscribed, and how many marked you as spam are beneficial analytics to know so you can use that data to create smarter, more effective emails.

Your Flodesk workflow analytics, explained

Your Flodesk workflow analytics will look similar to the analytics for your regular emails, but of course, will show data for any specific workflow.

A workflow is an automated sequence of emails that allows you to do more and reach more people more efficiently. These are great if you want to, for example, inform new subscribers about your brand or generate new leads.

Here’s how to access your workflow analytics:

  • Go to your Flodesk dashboard and click on Workflow
  • Click on any recent email you sent out
  • Click the bottom right-hand corner where the bar graphs are
  • Click “View details”
Email marketing analytics with Flodesk display workflow analytics

All about the workflow analytic tools

Once you’re in your workflow analytics, you’ll see that the landing page looks very similar to your regular email analytics, only with slight variations.

For example, the “at a glance” bar graphs shows how many people entered your workflow and how many subscribers are currently active. This, of course, makes more sense rather than knowing how many emails were sent and delivered.

Before these visual representations, you would have to go through each email in your workflow to check your analytics. This made it difficult and pretty confusing to decipher which workflows were worth your time. You can still do this if you want specific data on an email within a workflow, but with these new overview analytic tools, you can keep track of your success more efficiently to re-design and optimize your workflows as needed.

Your Flodesk audience analytics, explained

On your subscriber list, you can now click on a person’s name. A landing page will generate with their personal analytics, such as their lifetime open and click rates, as well as opens by device since they became a subscriber.

Email marketing analytics with Flodesk display individual subscriber data.

Private notes for your subscribers

This is what I’m most excited about: The ability to add private notes to a subscriber’s profile. This is neat since you can keep track of any conversations that you’ve had with a subscriber. And for those of you who use Flodesk as your client relations management software, (CRM), this is a huge improvement to the platform.

More account additions: Branding and integrations


Under the branding tab, you can add more social links that will display at the bottom of your email, such as your podcast link.


Flodesk launched more integration options, including the ability to connect your Zapier account with your Flodesk account to create automations. Here at Carrylove Designs, we have an automation set up so that every time we add a client through 17hats, they also are automatically added to a specific Flodesk segment. This is helpful because when we need to send out a bulk email with mass communications, we can send that information through Flodesk to all of our clients without doing anything extra.

Flodesk, you’ve done it again

Now that you’re all caught up with the updates on Flodesk’s analytic tools, tell us in the comments which new feature you’re most excited for!
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