Custom Brand Design and Showit Website for Boudoir Photographer

Ria Rouse of Boudoir by Ria came to us with an issue I see so often with clients: Wanting to attract more of her ideal client, but not knowing how. We crafted a custom brand design and Showit website for her.

Ria also was looking for a complete makeover for her brand and website that reflected her photography aesthetic more, as well as her stellar customer-service. Together, we transformed her brand by incorporating rich colors paired with elegant fonts and confident copy that reflected her empowering message and strong-spirited style.

Custom Brand Design and Showit Website

I am so proud of our team for delivering beyond what was envisioned. As I constantly repeat on my Instagram (if you follow me, you probably know what I’m going to say next so say it with me 😂), a beautiful website can only go so far. Without a well-thought strategy to back it up, you’ll find yourself with dead-end leads and halted growth.

Since every Signature Experience client is different, strategies will change based on their individual goals. So today I wanted to take some time to show you what strategy we put in place to take from no ranking to the number one page on search engines.

Custom Brand Design and Showit Website

Boudoir photography: A different perspective

A big part of our job at Carrylove Designs is to guide our clients through their brand strategy and along the way, they become more familiar with their brand voice as we get deeper into the process. Occasionally, we’ll have clients who are certain of their brand vision, which is also such a fun situation because we can all collaborate and translate their well-thought out vision into reality and most importantly, strategy. Well, Ria was one of these clients!

She explained to us that she wanted visitors to immediately feel empowered when landing on her site, and be inspired by the heartfelt emotion weaved throughout the copy.

The team here at Carrylove was excited to work on this project and tackle a niche we haven’t encountered yet. It was a chance for all of us to get in touch with a different side of our talents and craft a website design and brand voice that matched Ria’s clear vision.

Step 1: The brand presentation

Every Signature Experience client receives a brand presentation before we dive into any website copy or website design. This is a crucial step in the process because it allows us to discuss their brand message, strategy, and goals, which sets tone for how we go about the next steps.

We noticed a few of Ria’s top competitors did a great job at using powerful messaging to make genuine connections with their visitors. We knew that when it came to Ria’s copy, we needed to make the website copy just as compelling, and elevate her existing brand image to make an instant connection with whoever landed on her website. Another goal was to establish client confidence in Ria’s professionalism and experience.

Ria was clear from the beginning that her boudoir sessions doubled as an act of service for oneself rather than for someone else. A feature on her previous website that demonstrated this exceptionally was her “Love Letters” section. She explained that the final images she produces act as a love letter from the client to themself after experiencing a boudoir session with Ria.

We ran with this powerful and beautiful sentiment to craft her website copy, alongside the words “inviting,” “empowering,” and “sensual.”

Step 2: Crafting the website copy

Some marketing strategists will hand over some website copy to their clients with no room for flexibility and improvement. But this is not how we do it here at Carrylove Designs.

While strategists are the experts at transforming visions into tangible designs, we recognize that the client is the one who knows their brand best. This is why we take pride in our collaborative experience. After all, open communication and being receptive to suggestions always leads to the best results for everyone involved.

To craft website copy, we take into account the keywords our clients want to rank for. Then, we expertly weave those keywords among messaging that speak to their brand voice. It’s a tricky balance to achieve.

Ria’s copy took some collaboration to achieve messaging that spoke to her, while also ensuring an SEO strategy was in place. After a few rounds of edits, we were able to craft copy that she fell in love with and knew would emotionally connect with her client — and on the other side, we also felt confident that it would set her brand up for the best success.

Custom Brand Design and Showit Website

Step 3: Jumping into the website design

Our mood board for Boudoir by Ria featured a rich palette that radiated luxury and glamour. We also chose serif and script fonts for an elegant and sophisticated style.

The aim was to create clean and minimal design elements and patterns that would exude a trustworthy look, as well as black and white photography that was true to Ria’s classic, timeless style.

When we enter the website design phase, of course it is part of our job to make a client’s website attractive. But we also make sure we keep the momentum going by encouraging viewers to scroll and click a call to action (CTA). By implementing engaging design elements and features, we were able to accomplish this for Ria.

Step 4: SEO strategy and website ranking results

Since was a brand new domain, it wasn’t ranking for any keywords before we launched her website. Though this sounds like a tedious spot to be in, it was actually an ideal situation. By launching with a clean slate, so to speak, we could have a clear idea of how our strategy was working. 

In less than 30 days, her average position for our main target keyword rose all the way to the 15th spot. Now, she is ranking on the first page for that target keyword, with three more target keywords on the rise to join it.

The primary goal we set for all Carrylove Design clients is to have their business be found more organically by implementing an SEO strategy that will increase their online search visibility. So, this was definitely a huge win for Ria’s brand.

SEO for strategic keyword ranking to get results
SEO for strategic keyword ranking to get results
SEO for strategic keyword ranking to get results

We create designs backed by strategy

The Signature Experience merges design and strategy to produce real results. We will create a custom brand design and Showit website for you.

A beautiful website may get your brand noticed, but without a proper strategy and any substance, you’ll be left with dead-end leads.
This is how we accomplished what we did for Ria, and how we were able to transform her leads to paying clients. Sound like something you’re also ready for too? Book a complimentary consultation call to learn more about how we can help you with your brand and website design.

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