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Reading Time: < 1 minute Today on the podcast, we’re chatting about the trends I think we will begin to see more and more of in 2019. Listen in as you give you the 2019 website trends I think will grow this coming year.   New Showit Template Shop opened: Get 20% off your purchase with the promo code PODCAST.


06: 2019 Website Trends for Creatives

Reading Time: < 1 minute I’ve always wanted to get a behind-the-scenes peek into someone else’s successful brand and business and I bet you do too. Which is why we’ll have episodes featuring other successful creatives who will take us behind-the-scenes of their brand and plan. Today on the podcast, I’m joined by Crystalyn Aucoin of Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry. Crystalyn […]


04: Behind the Brand and Plan of Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry

Reading Time: < 1 minute After two full years as a full-time entrepreneur, I had created my life around my business not my business around my life. I’d gained thirty pounds from a sedentary lifestyle and lost my spark for business. But that’s all changing. I’ve been working to create a business that helps me live out my ideal lifestyle. Join […]


04: Creating a Business Around Your Life

Reading Time: < 1 minute Have you searched for a graphic designer, noticed a wide range in pricing and wondered why?  Did you feel like some designers were trying to get more money out of you? If you haven’t had much experience working with or knowledge of graphic design then it may seem that way. Especially when you can find […]


03: Difference Between High-End Designer Versus Low-End Designer

Reading Time: < 1 minute New year, new website. Or maybe just a better site. Today, we’re going over five must-dos for your website in 2019 that will help you climb the Google rankings a little higher, get more visitors and potentially more leads coming straight to your inbox. During the episode, you’ll learn what page causes over 70% of […]


02: 5 Things to do to Your Website in 2019

Reading Time: < 1 minute The goal of your website is to turn visitors into paying clients. On this episode, we’re taking a look at three common reasons why your website isn’t converting and how to fix those issues. We’ll look at what to do when your service isn’t being understood by visitors and how to get feedback in a […]


01: Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Visitors into Paying Clients

Reading Time: < 1 minute Welcome to ‘A Brand and A Plan Podcast’ with your host, Amanda Shuman, Brand Designer and Website Strategist for Creatives. I firmly believe it takes intentional branding paired with a strategic website to turn your business goals into a reality. On this podcast, we dive into how to craft a memorable brand and high-converting website so […]


00 Intro to A Brand and A Plan

Reading Time: < 1 minute Welcome to A Brand and A Plan Podcast with your host, Amanda Shuman. I firmly believe it takes intentional branding and a strategic website to turn your business goals into a reality. On this podcast, we dive into creating a memorable brand and pairing it with a high-converting website so you can make more money […]


Ep0 Intro to A Brand and A Plan Podcast

Reading Time: 3 minutes These three design tips are part of the fundamentals any designer first learns when they enter art school. They are so easy though that they often are forgotten. If you apply these three basic design elements, your work will be more effective. 3 Easy Tips for More Effective Design   Use a maximum of 3 […]

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3 Easy Tips for More Effective Design

3 Easy Tips for More Effective Design

Reading Time: 4 minutes Galentine’s Day Party   Hi everyone! My name is Anna and I’m the lifestyle blogger behind Anna Osgoodby Life + Design, and I’ve partnered up with the lovely Amanda to celebrate Valentine’s Day. That’s right! The holiday is just around the corner and whether you’re single or attached, we think it’s the perfect time to […]


How to host an Awesome Galentine’s Day Party

How to host an Awesome Galentine's Day Party

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