How To Boost Productivity and Brand Recognition with Consistency

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Consistency is Key: How To Boost Productivity and Brand Recognition with Consistency


When it comes to your brand, one word to keep in mind is consistency. You should be consistent with everything you do in your business. You should set systems in place. By doing so, you will save time and your clients will come to know what to expect.

Consistency is Key: How To Boost Productivity and Brand Recognition with Consistency


Boost Productivity

Being consistent is a surefire way to up your productivity. You probably go the same grocery store every time you need to re-stock your pantry. If you’re anything like me, you pick up the same items, in the same order, every single time. You know exactly where the bread is located. You know exactly where your favorite coffee creamer is located. You know the exact workflow the cashier goes through to check you out. You are in and out of the grocery store within ten minutes because the entire process has become streamlined. Congratulations, you boosted your productivity in one area of your life. Now let’s work on boosting your productivity within your business by creating consistency.


As soon as you get an inquiry from a potential client you should have a consistent system you follow. Workflows aid in speeding up your process, help returning clients know what to expect and creating consistency. I use 17hats, which has a workflow creator built in.

Canned Responses

Canned responses is another great way to remain consistent and save time. If you get a lot of emails asking the same question or you need to send out the same information many times then set up a canned response. Below is a video on how to set up canned responses inside Gmail that’s easy to follow.



Plan Social Media Posts

Planning out your Instagram posts ahead of time boost your productivity. It also helps your to remain consistent. When you plan out your posts in advance you can save time later by already knowing what you’re going to post. Plann┬áis a great tool to use to visually design your Instagram feed ahead of time. It also lets you write out the captions with hashtags in advance. Planning out your feed ahead of time also allows you to visually see if you’re being consistent.

Create Consistency

Creating consistency within your business is not only beneficial to you but to your clients also. Being consistent helps form trust between you and your audience. If something happens at the same time, the same way you begin to trust that’ll remain that way.

Being consistent also helps speed up your processes because they come second nature. Tasks you do regularly turn into muscle memory and you put less thought into your efforts.

Tone of Voice

The tone of voice you use on social media platforms, within blog posts, and on your website should all be consistent.

If I were to show you text from a Southwest Airlines marketing campaign and text from an American Airlines marketing campaign you would automatically be able to tell me which company’s text was which. That’s because both airlines have distinct and different tones of voice. That is what you need to create for your business, a consistent and distinct tone of voice.

Brand Visuals

Once you have a brand design in place, you want to use it everywhere. People will start to recognize and remember your brand after they consistently see it everywhere. You also want to be consistent in every facet of your business.

Create a template for your Pinterest Images so they are all branded the same way. That will help people cognize them as yours.

Use a consistent color palette from your logo, website, professional headshots, marketing material. You should stick to a maximum of five colors.

Consistency Is Key

Being consistent in your business helps you streamline processes, saving you time and headaches. It also helps clients come to know and trust your processes. Consistency can also help to get you recognized and stand out in saturated communities.

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