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Reading Time: 4 minutes I am so pleased to announce the launch of Timeless Styled Events brand and website design. I’m going to take your behind the scenes of the creative process from start to finish. So you can understand the amount of work and creativity that gets poured into each client and project. The Creative Process: Timeless Styled […]

Brand Reveal, Brand Strategy, Website Strategy

Creative Process: Timeless Styled Events Brand and Website Launch

Creative Process: Timeless Styled Events Brand and Website Launch Business Card

Reading Time: 4 minutes So, it’s time to give your brand and website a much-needed overhaul to launch your business into the next level. The quality of your design speaks to the quality of your portfolio, experience, and overall process. Before you invest in your brand and website, let’s take a step back and uncover what you need to […]

Brand Strategy, Podcast, Website Strategy

How to Prepare for a Brand and Website Design

How to Prepare for a Brand and Website Design

Reading Time: 5 minutes Today, I am diving into some of your most asked website questions. From platforms to SEO and everything in between I’m sure you’ll take away some good nuggets of information from this episode. So let’s dive into your top 3 most asked website questions. Top 3 Most Asked Website Questions “Squarespace, WordPress, Wix or Showit? […]


Top 3 Most Asked Website Questions

Top 3 Most Asked Website Questions

Reading Time: 5 minutes I’m sharing with you at design secrets that are going to help up level your brand from your brand, visuals it to your website. I’m going to be giving you simple tweaks to help you take your brand from amateur to looking amazing. So join me as we go through these design secrets. Hey, welcome […]

Brand Strategy, Podcast

Design Secrets to a Professional Looking Brand

Design a Professional Looking Brand

Reading Time: 4 minutes Just like any craft you are continually refining your process. In my earlier design years, I would offer my clients multiple logo concepts before building the entire brand from patterns, elements, sub marks — the list goes on. However, I quit doing that almost two years ago. Now I only present my client with one […]

Brand Strategy, Podcast

Why I don’t Offer Multiple Logo Concepts

Why I don’t offer multiple logo concepts

Reading Time: 2 minutes Angie McPherson is a wedding and personal branding photographer based in Virginia. Before she started Angie McPherson Photography she waa s marketing manager at a concert venue. She was working in the marketing department spending hundreds of thousands of other people’s dollars to put butts in seats, as they say. Behind the Brand and Plan […]

Brand Strategy, Podcast

Behind the Brand and Plan of Angie McPherson Photography

Behind the Brand of Angie McPherson Photography

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today on the podcast, we’re chatting about the trends I think we will begin to see more and more of in 2019. Listen in as you give you my 2019 website trends I think will grow this coming year. 2019 Website Trends #1 More Video Video will definitely be seen more throughout this year. Video […]

Podcast, Website Strategy

2019 Website Trends for Creatives

Reading Time: < 1 minute Today on the podcast, we’re chatting about the trends I think we will begin to see more and more of in 2019. Listen in as you give you the 2019 website trends I think will grow this coming year.   New Showit Template Shop opened: Get 20% off your purchase with the promo code PODCAST.


06: 2019 Website Trends for Creatives

Reading Time: 2 minutes Crystalyn Aucoin is a jewelry designer from New Orleans. Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry launched October of 2018, and basically what they do is design minimalistic jewelry that’s to be worn every day, but it’s fine jewelry, so it’s sterling silver and 14CT gold. About Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry They have a pretty big mission behind the brand, […]

Brand Strategy, Marketing

Behind the Brand and Plan with Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry

Reading Time: < 1 minute I’ve always wanted to get a behind-the-scenes peek into someone else’s successful brand and business and I bet you do too. Which is why we’ll have episodes featuring other successful creatives who will take us behind-the-scenes of their brand and plan. Today on the podcast, I’m joined by Crystalyn Aucoin of Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry. Crystalyn […]


04: Behind the Brand and Plan of Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry

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