3 Ways to Get More Clients

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Whenever our business and lives get busy our marketing starts to take a back seat because we can’t possibly take on more clients at the moment. But then, we finish those projects and have to start hustling because we need clients. I am guilty of doing this myself and it creates panic when you’re wrapping up projects with no more projects lined up. In order to help you avoid these moments of panic, I am giving you 3 ways to get more clients.


3 ways to get more clients

A lot of business owners have the misconception that they have to spend thousands of dollars and countless hours of time on their marketing. I have 3 ways to get more clients without spending hours on marketing that I use inside my own business.

I will warn you — if you’re looking for quick, overnight solutions this isn’t going to be for you. These strategies take time and can be used over and over again throughout for business.


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Networking and Collaborating

Networking and collaborating is often overlooked but it has exponentially grown my business. In November of 2016, I set a monthly goal of reaching out and networking with 4 different people which is when I started to see my business grower then it had throughout the entire year of 2016.

Inside Facebook groups I often see people posing questions similar to, “what has helped grow your business?” and if you read through the responses you’ll see people responding with “Networking” or “Collaborating”. As business owners, you have your own audience and it’s hard to grow that audience beyond that. But when you network and collaborate you start to see your name and business be introduced to other people’s audiences which in return grows your audience faster than you doing it alone.


Thoughtfully Growing Relationships

Did someone recently show interest in your offer? Did you see someone post in a Facebook group a question about something you are an expert in? Start growing that relationship. And no, that doesn’t mean selling. Take a genuine interest in their struggles, their business, their passion. If you struggle with feeling gross about sales then this is definitely a way to start implementing in your marketing. It takes that ‘yuck’ factor out of selling.

If someone takes interest in what you’re offering but doesn’t inquire about a sale right away, don’t get discouraged. Just because they aren’t interested right now doesn’t mean they eventually won’t be.


Keep following up until they tell you not to

This way is definitely the easiest. People are busy and they forget about what it is they inquire about. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been thanked because I continued to follow up to an inquiry. After the initial quote gets sent, I follow up 24 hours after if I haven’t heard anything. Then another 48 hours after that last email if I still didn’t get a response and a week after the last email if I still don’t get a response. If they don’t respond after that, I will wait an additional 2 weeks.


Simply Ask for Referrals

As part of my onboarding process I will ask clients, “can you think of anyone who could benefit from this service?” This helps me by sometimes getting a name to follow-up with and reach out to but it also gets clients thinking about who they can tell themselves. If you do a good job and give clients a great experience they will naturally want to tell others about you.

When business is busy and you have enough clients don’t forget to fill up your calendar ahead of time so you’re not hustling for last-minute clients. Start implimenting these 3 ways to get more clients and you’ll start to see your business grow.


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