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I have seen a lot of rapid growth and success in my business in the last six months, and I want to take you back and through that journey and how my business has transitioned over the past six months. How My Business Has Transitioned Over the Past Six Months So, six months ago, which […]

Squarespace, WordPress, Weebly, Showit — I’ve tried them all and designed websites for clients on each one of those platforms. Each time Showit comes out head and shoulders above the rest. From user experience to capability, Showit is the best platform for creatives. Why Showit is the Best Platform for Creatives I’ve been using Showit […]

Two seconds from viewing any Instagram profile you can tell is somewhat understands what the social media outlet is for or if they’re completely missing the point. Some accounts you click on immediately give you a spammy-vibe which leaves you feeling “ick”. Others, lead you on a journey with them and invite you to have […]

Whenever our business and lives get busy our marketing starts to take a back seat because we can’t possibly take on more clients at the moment. But then, we finish those projects and have to start hustling because we need clients. I am guilty of doing this myself and it creates panic when you’re wrapping […]

Most people don’t understand what the job of an about page is truly for. This isn’t the first day of fourth grade when your teacher asks you to write a page about yourself. An about page should sell your product or service. There are a few key components that you must include if you want […]

If you’re a seller on Etsy and haven’t heard the new yet then consider yourself a little behind. Etsy recently announced they’re changing the way seller shops look! You’ll finally be able to strength your shops brand presence and create a cohesive design. How to Build a Stronger Etsy Brand Presence Make your shop icon […]

It is a dreary day here in Austin and has been storming since around two a.m. last night. However – I will let that dampen my mood because today I am announcing some very exciting news! I have been trying to think of a giveaway to run for two months now, and nothing sounded appeasing […]

So, at the beginning of February, I set myself a goal, not a written out goal, but more of an I have this idea – let’s track it. I wanted to see how many Twitter followers I could gain in one month while knowingly trying to gain quality followers. Yes, quality, organic followers, not paid […]

Essential Guide | Twitter Chats So, you’ve heard the term Twitter Chat thrown around and want to know what it is, how to join, or what to do? This post will be your guide to Twitter Chats and how to not only survive but thrive in your first one! A Twitter Chat is a live […]

Brand Launch | Sugar Leaf Films   Heather, Owner, and Editor over at Sugar Leaf Films, come to me after deciding to relaunch her business. Sugar Leaf Films started out in 2007 in Pennsylvania as a studio where they filmed and edited wedding videos. When she and her husband decided to relocate back to her […]

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