Why I Switched from WordPress to Showit

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Showit is a revolutionary drag-and-drop website platform. It’s similar to Squarespace, however, I refer to Showit as ‘Squarespace on Steriods’. All the design capabilities you have at your fingertips without having to know code blows Squarespace out of the water. There is no competition.


Why I Switched from WordPress to Showit


I want to preface this by stating: I am not, at this time, affiliated with Showit5 and don’t get any sort of payment from them. I want to give my honest opinion on why I switched from WordPress to Showit and who I think the platform will benefit.

Showit Features and Benefits

Showit is a drag-and-drop builder which means you don’t need to know how to code. There isn’t a tricky back-end that makes you download different plug-ins and features to get the look you want to achieve.

Ease of Use

When I design a website for clients I always offer a 30-minute screen share tutorial on how to make updates to their updates. Showit makes it so easy for my clients to make changes. They can easily update their galleries, change their pricing, and make small edits to their website without having to contact a designer for help.

WordPress Blog

Sometimes it can be difficult to explain but it’s one of my favorite parts about Showit. Do you hate having to customize themes in WordPress but you continue to use WordPress just for the SEO capabilities? Yeah, me too. It’s no secret that WordPress offers the best plug-ins for getting ranked on search engines. With Showit, you get to design your blog using the Showit builder but still blog using WordPress! That gives me the best of both worlds. I still get the powerful WordPress SEO plug-ins but I get the design freedom using Showit.

Why I Switched from WordPress to Showit


Have you ever installed a WordPress theme that looked great on a desktop but the mobile version was less than impressive? Me too! Showit allows you to design your mobile and desktop version side-by-side. The two designs can be cohesive but different from one another. You have the capability to optimize your mobile-version to work best on a smaller screen without having to compromise design aesthetic. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly version on your website Google takes that into account and it negatively affects your ranking in search results.

Why I Switched from WordPress to Showit. Discover the benefits, features, and who the website platform is right for.

Stunning Websites

As a designer primarily for photographers, I always recommend Showit to them because it’s the best platform, hands down, to show off their photography. Showit was designed with photographers in mind so they have enhanced features that will benefit photography businesses. Showit websites create a user experience like I’ve seen no other platform achieve.

Creative Process: Timeless Styled Events Brand and Website Launch

Have you been hearing all the good things about Showit and are ready to make the switch? I would love to chat with you. I offer custom Showit website designs and Showit Templates.

Free Migration of Blog Posts (most platforms)

If all the reasons above didn’t make you want to convert may be hearing about their fantastic customer service will. They do all the blog migration for you, free of charge (except when switching from Wix). They are always available to help you solve any problem you may run into and it’s really easy. They have a chat box in the right-hand corner so you can chat with them directly while never leaving the website builder. I switched from WordPress to Showit about a three ago and since then have created 3 award-winning websites for Clients including Lemiga, Hannah Black Photography and Elizabeth Henson using Showit.

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