My Stitch Fix Experience as a Creative Entrepreneur

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Earlier this year my husband and were chatting about goals. I told him I want to make enough monthly that I could hire a personal stylist. For May, I broke my income goal, and as a celebration, I ordered my first Stitch Fix box! Honestly, I had low expectations for the box but wanted to give you my genuine review to help you make a decision. My Stitch Fix Experience as a Creative Entrepreneur.

My Stitch Fix Experience as a Creative Entrepreneur

My Stitch Fix Experience as a Creative Entrepreneur

There is a $20 styling fee to order a Stitch Fix box, but if you keep anything, they discount that fee towards your order. Inside my June Stitch Fix box, I received one pair of jeans, three blouses, and a necklace. I let the stylist know I work from home and appeared on video a lot. I wanted clothes that were comfortable but looked nice.

My goals for hiring a stylist were:

  • Receiving pieces that I wouldn’t have chosen from the rack myself
  • Being introduced to brands, I wouldn’t usually shop at
  • Getting clothes that highlighted my natural features in a comfortable way


The second I opened the box I was surprised — in a good way. I had the expectation that I wasn’t going to like anything in the box. The stylist was going to get my style all wrong. I went through the box liking every single piece. My favorite part was the fact that they were pieces I liked but wouldn’t have grabbed off the rack myself.


Outfit One

I had always seen off the shoulder tops and thought they were so cute, but I never tried one on. I noted in my profile that I love to show my shoulders off and I think this highlights them in a very flattering way. The jeans are super comfortable and have a soft, stretchy fit. On a scale of one to ten (ten being amazing), I would overall rate this outfit an 8. The quality of the pants seem a bit low considering the cost, but the shirt looks of higher quality.

My Stitch Fix Experience as a Creative Entrepreneur

Outfit Two

This crossfront tank top, again, is one of those styles I adore but never tried on myself. The spaghetti straps on this top are adjustable which is perfect for someone like me who has a shorter torso. I am always a fan of floral print and I think the yellowish-green color looks good on my skin color. I would rate this top a seven on a scale of one to ten.

My Stitch Fix Experience as a Creative Entrepreneur


Outfit Three

Typically I don’t wear a ton of jewelry but this necklace fit my style perfectly, and it matches so many of my tops. The quality of the necklace seemed nice. I was stunned to see an accessory in a box since I notated on my Stitch Fix profile not to put jewelry in my box unless they thought it was perfect and my stylist was right — it was perfect.

The Jella C top is a beautiful pop of pink. It’s a color I’m attracted to but wouldn’t usually choose off the rack. I was pleasantly surprised when I put it on how comfortable it was and really enjoyed the embellished shoulders.

My Stitch Fix Experience as a Creative Entrepreneur


My Stitch Fix Experience as a Creative Entrepreneur

I ended up keeping all five pieces that I received in my first Stitch Fix box. If you keep all the pieces, then you got a 25% discount, which I didn’t know and was excited to see! I ended up paying only $134 for 5 high-quality pieces I am excited about adding to my wardrobe that look good on my body type.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Stitch Fix box for someone who wants to try different things. All of the pieces I got were ones that I loved, felt comfortable in but wouldn’t have tried on in the fitting room of a mall. I am currently purging half of my closet so I can make more room for the next Stitch Fix box I receive!

If you’re pickier I would recommend adding a Pinterest board to your profile with outfits you love. Your stylist looks at that board each time before selecting items for you so you can continue to pin images to it. Here’s a peek at my Stitch Fix Style board.

If you’re ready to get your box then use this link to get your $20 styling fee waived.

*This post does include affiliate links at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products and services I love and think you would too.*

My Stitch Fix Experience as a Creative Entrepreneur

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