Moody and Nautical Brand Reveal for The Liv’d Life

One thing all of my clients have in common is passion. A passion for what they do. This is definitely true for Olivia, the owner of The Liv’d Life. She is a multi-passionate creative who wants to help other other multi-passionate creatives to have success in their business, health, and overall lifestyle. Olivia came to me with a unique vision of how she wanted her brand represented. We created a moody and nautical brand for The Liv’d Life.


Moody and Nautical Brand

The idea of the octopus came from Olivia. She’s always been drawn to the animal and it naturally fit into her branding. We wanted the octopus to represent multi-passionate entrepreneurs with their hands in many different projects. We wanted the brand to be somewhat nautical so the octopus fits into the theme without┬áhaving the traditional nautical elements and vibe.

The Liv'd Life is a nautical and moody brand and Showit website design by Carrylove Designs

Overall Tone

The overall tone of the moodboard is geared to highlight the passion, purpose, and down-to-earth traits about The Liv’d Life brand. The Liv’d Life brand is polished without losing its laid-back vibe. Most importantly we want The Liv’d Life to feel collected. We want to drawn in an ideal client that is serious about living an overall balanced and well life.


Brand color palette

The color palette highlights a warm and cool blue. Blues represent loyalty and trust and having a calming sense about them. Since most business owners are coming to The Liv’d Life stressed we want to have a calming sense within the brand. A dark forest green is also represented in the color palette. Greens represent the earthy, natural, and positive part of the brand. Essential oils and living a balanced, healthy life is also important to The Liv’d Life. Grey is another part of the color palette. It represents the modern and sleek part of the brand. Business and technology are essential to The Liv’d Life brand and grey represents that aspect of the brand.

“Working with Amanda at Carrylove Designs was everything I had hoped for in my branding/website experience. Her ideas, inventivenes, and execution were next level and I am a billion percent happy with everything we created together. Friendly, insightful and funny, we had an amazing time working together and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I will recommend again and again until I’m blue in the face, it was an absolute pleasure creating with Amanda!” – Olivia, Owner of The Liv’d Life

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