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How to Build a Stronger Etsy Brand Presence

  1. Kelsie Kleinmeyer says:

    I’ve been thinking about how to amp mine up. Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Heather Gullett Denniston says:

    This is great. I have a friend that could really use this. Thanks for laying it out so nicely.

    • Thanks Heather! I hope your friend finds the information useful and profitable!

  3. Erin says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! My shop is still relatively new and I’m working on building it, so I appreciate the tips!

    • Of course, Erin! Get ready for the new look of the shops coming soon. It’s good to be prepared.

  4. Iryna says:

    Those are all great tips! I’ll keep that in mind when I decide to have an Etsy shop.

  5. Tishana says:

    Very helpful tips. Having an about page is more important than people think! I’m curious, what do you think of the new look coming next month?!

    • I definitely agree. I am really excited for the new look. I think it’ll be great for establishing a stronger brand presence. However, I didn’t see a Facebook ‘Like’ button which I’m disappointed about.

  6. Alicia Ford says:

    Great tips! Especially since I am opening up an etsy shop here soon!

  7. I’m loving the new etsy shop front, it’s much more beautiful and shows that etsy is moving with the times. I am hoping to finally open my shop on etsy at some time this year. I’ve had my shop reserved for a little while but have been too scared to do anything with it – I’m too much of a worrier!

    I took an Etsy Resolution online course actually here in Oz a few years ago and want to revisit it before opening my shop, so with that and these fabulous tips from you, I’m sure everything will be fine!
    Thanks for this great and timely post, Amanda. Definitely pinning it for later!

    • Awe thanks, Hollie. I’m glad to hear I could help. I am also a fan of the redesign. I wish you luck with your shop when you open the doors.

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