Streamline and Scale Your Business With A Signature Service

Create a Signature experience that leads to more bookings

Tired of clients getting stuck choosing between packages or price haggling with you?


Get ready to say goodbye to bartering —and say hello to more client bookings with this short workshop!

Book More Consultation Calls

Shop getting price-shopped

Raise Your Prices

Less choices take the cognitive load off and help people act quicker.

Not to get all science-y, but...

Not only that, but studies have shown that having more options also lead to decreased satisfaction and lower confidence in their choice, as well as a higher chance that they will regret their decision.

And nobody wants their relationship with their clients to start out with them feeling less confident and second-guessing their decision to have hired you.

That's why I created a workshop to show step-by-step how to create one signature experience that your future clients will love.

In this 30-minute workshop, I'll walk through all seven steps of creating your Signature Experience plus show you real-life examples to help you brainstorm new ways to serve your audience and scale your business.

If you're tired of second-guessing your packages and pricing then the Create Your Signature Experience workshop is for you.

This process is the exact method I used to build my $400,000+ business from one offer — and it’s one of the ways we help our clients see massive results too.

This workshop walks you through our proven 7-step system that's helped dozens of business owners streamline their business, sales, and marketing.

Let’s streamline you business.

Create Your Signature Experience


Create an irresistible offer that will streamline and scale your business.

Do your clients get stuck choosing between packages or price haggling with you? We want to stop both of those situations from happening.

By creating your Signature Experience you'll be able to book more consultation calls, clearly showcase your value, and raise your prices.

In this 30-minute workshop, I'll walk through all seven steps of creating your Signature Experience plus show you real-life examples to help you brainstorm new ways to serve your audience.

What's Included

+ 30-minute workshop walking you through our proven 7-step system to creating your Signature Experience
+ Real-Life Examples of how our clients applied these steps to see increase in their business revenue
+ Digital workbook to brainstorm and map out your Signature Experience

How does it work?

get started

Click on the yellow button to get started. After purchasing, you'll receive an email within a few minutes with access to the workshop and digital workbook.

Watch the workshop

You can quickly watch (and re-watch) the workshop as many times as you'd like. Don't have the time right now? No worries. You have lifetime access to the workshop.

Promote Your Signature Experience

Use the workbook to map and brainstorm your signature experience. We have prompts in there to help you bring it to life and start promoting your newly crafted signature experience.





Carrylove Designs Promise

We always set out to create great content that we're proud of. Our no-hassle, 7-day CLD Promise policy means that if you are not satisfied, for any reason, you can tell us how the product was unsatisfactory, and we'll be happy to give you a 100% refund within 7 days of purchase. Email

"I don't want to limit my options and chances of someone booking me."

You might saying to yourself...

Create a steam-lined repeatable process

Hire a team and take to-do items off your list

Save time when creating marketing content

Take a vacation knowing your clients are taken care of

Then, of course, you can continue to follow other gurus advice and offer 3+ packages with multiple upsells and add-ons. And continue barter with clients who want to nickel-and-dime you.


You can invest your time into creating a Signature Experience and book clients quicker who are excited to more with you and not-guessing that they've make the best decision. And not to mention these bonuses from crafting a Signature Experience...

Create a Seamless Branded Experience

close more consultation calls

Grow a team more effectively

take more time off

Do you get nervous about meeting with potential clients? Does the entire conversation evolve around trying to create the perfect package for them? Having a Signature Experience allows you to skip that awkward dance and show up confidently to consultation calls.

When your process is on a rinse and repeat cycle it makes it easier to delegate tasks and grow a thriving team. Creating your Signature Experience helps you create an offer that is scalable.

When you have a repeatable process that helps you remove yourself from your business. Wouldn't it be nice to shut your computer off during a vacation and know everything is handled? Having a Signature Experience helps you do that.

How did Carrylove Designs change after crafting our Signature Experience?

Scaled from a solopreneur to a team of 11 within 2 years

Higher conversion on consultation calls (continually ~65% clients booked)

More value seen in experience = higher price

Better SEO; niched down keywords

More effective marketing posts that drive conversion

Amanda Shuman

Designer, strategist, marketer and speaker, Amanda Shuman is an expert brand strategist and designer for creatives. She's the founder and CEO at Carrylove Designs, a fully-remote digital marketing agency for creative small businesses. With over 100 success stories, her team of designers and copywriters help creatives craft a brand that stands out from the crowd so they can make more doing what they love.

Known for her 'strategy-first' way of thinking, she's had the opportunity to appear on dozens of podcasts, virtual summits, and stages for creatives around the nation and supported entrepreneurs including Heidi Thompson, Maria Bayer, and Brandee Gaar.

At Carrylove Designs, she’s committed to providing services and education to support creative small businesses, so they can get paid more to do what they love while working less.

A strong believer in the power of intentional branding, Amanda knows pairing a beautiful brand aesthetic with an intentional website strategy is the cornerstone for success and booking clients effortlessly.

Known for her 'strategy-first' way of thinking

created by

scale your business by crafting a signature service

Create a Streamlined Experience

book your

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