Color Brand Design and Showit Website Design for Queenfriday Photography

Regina, the owner of Queenfriday Photography, is a natural light and lifestyle photographer who specializes in families, weddings, and seniors. Regina is a true creative at heart and has a personality that radiates joy and happiness. She is an artist first and foremost and wanted that incorporated into her brand. Carrylove Designs created a colorful brand design and Showit website design for Queenfriday Photography.


Colorful Brand Design and Showit Website Design for Queenfriday Photography


The Client Want List

As with any client, Regina came to me with a vision of what she wanted already in her mind. Being a designer, I love to hear what the client has in mind and help bring it to life. Before creating a brand design for a client, I take three things into account: what the client wants, who their ideal client is, and who my client is as a person. Using all that information, I am able to design a brand that not only gives my client confidence but also draws in their ideal client.

Regina wanted a colorful brand that represented her as an artist. She also does a lot black and white art, so she had the idea of those two components juxtapose together. She wanted to make people feel happy when they saw her brand.


The Ideal Client

Regina’s most ideal clients are fun, energetic and outgoing families that come to the session wanting to have fun. Her ideal clients also understand how to interact and play in front of the camera. Her ideal clients would feel comfortable with her. Regina wants her clients to hire her because they saw she captured a feeling or emotion during a snapshot in time, whether it be happiness, love, fun, sadness. Emotion is what drives me her business and she wants her ideal clients to understand that.

Below is the Colorful Brand Design and Showit Website Design for Queenfriday Photography.



View Queenfriday Photography’s full website, here.

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  1. Jessie

    February 7th, 2018 at

    Love this design! The colors are so perfect and happy!

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