Colorful and Fun Branding for Hannah Black Photography

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When someone is a dreamboat client and you want to work with them you patiently pursue them similar to dating. Hannah Black Photography was one of those clients. I was absolutely obsessed with her colorful photography and knew a high-end, colorful and fun brand would transcend her business to the next level.

Colorful and Fun Brand for Hannah Black Photography

Hannah wanted a brand that truly represented her photography style and her personality. She came to the table with five adjectives she wanted her brand to reflect: Joyful, Bright, Fun, Emotional, and Authentic. I think we nailed every single one of them. A big part of what sets Hannah apart is her dedication to her clients and establishing a strong relationship with them. I asked Hannah a few questions about her experience and journey below.

Colorful and Fun Brand for Hannah Black Photography

What made you choose to follow this creative path?

My love for photography began when I fell in love with seeing different angles and finding beauty in things that most people pass by. Then, I started taking pictures of people and realized I had a passion for encouraging others and helping them see their true beauty. I love moments and I love that pictures allow us to always go back in time and relive special moments- big and small.

What has been your greatest achievement in business so far?

Ooh that one is tough. Honestly, all of it is a huge achievement for me. Every client holds a special place in my heart and I love getting to be a small part of telling their story. Some professional highlights include being one of Senior Style Guides Hot 100 Senior Photographers in 2017, traveling to Santa Fe and Estes Park to document two very small, intimate weddings, and all of the amazing people I have met along the way. Really though, the relationships with my clients are my most favorite thing. Not sure that’s an achievement or just my favorite part of what I do!

What is the hardest business lesson you’ve had to learn?

You aren’t for everyone. There are different styles of photography and different types of photographers and there are more than enough clients to go around. The type of client you love and want to work with will find you and you will find them. There is nothing more important than staying true to you and true to your style. It gets really draining and you can burn out easily when you try to please everyone or be like everyone else- true in life as well.

What’s the best piece of business advice someone has given you?

It’s okay to say “No.” There is so much freedom in that word. More often than not, the things you say “yes” to that you know are not right, end up eating away at you- they’re harder to edit, harder to shoot and they just consume you. It’s not worth it. Shoot what you love for people that hire you because they love and trust your work.

Ultimately, what made you choose to work with Carrylove Designs for your branding and website design?

Amanda and I were Instagram friends long before I hired her. I knew through our interaction in the social media world that she really knew me and my style. I knew that she had big dreams and a vision for how my brand could be more ME and help my business grow. I felt like I was hiring someone who had already invested time in getting to know me and what my brand needed to be. I knew going into the process that she would care about me and my business, and that put my super tight-wade spending habits at ease.

How differently do you feel now versus how you felt before you started on this branding journey?

I was definitely super apprehensive before booking and I had put this off for far too long. I hate spending money, even if there is potential for that money spent making me more money. I am not a huge risk taker. But now, I just feel so excited and hopeful for where my business can go! I am excited to finally have a website that is ME and that I want everyone to see and experience! I have been hiding my website and hoping no one sees it for two years, which is a terrible place to be when you have recently moved to a new place and you need your business to grow in a new market. I can’t wait for my past, current and future clients to see my website and want to be an HBP Senior or Bride!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Hiring Amanda was an excellent choice! She is easy to communicate with and I love how she explains everything throughout the whole process. You will always know what is going on and she will guide you through everything. Thank you so much, Amanda, for creating a website I love that truly encompasses me and my brand!! I am so obsessed and I cannot stop looking at it!!

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