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Makeup Artist Brand Identity, Be Free Makeup Artistry


Jade, the owner of Be Free, plants her roots in Georgia. She is a Makeup Artist with three kids and she’s ready to launch her business into the wedding world! Jade has big aspirations for her business and the drive to make all of them come true. I am proud to be a part of her entrepreneurial journey. Below is the brand identity for makeup artist, Be Free Makeup Artistry.


Working with Carrylove has been the easiest experience. I often struggled with capturing my vision and expressing what business I would like to attract and she made it seem so easy! Look forward to working with her in the near future!

— Jade Freeman, Owner of Be Free Makeup Artistry


Jade came to me with a vision already in mind. She wanted an upscale, luxurious brand that would speak to her ideal client. Jade’s family is also very important to her, which is seen subtly through her brand. The submark for this brand is a pentagon (five sides) which represents her husband, herself, and their 3 kids. The website for Be Free will be revealed later in 2017.

Follow along with Jade’s journey and see her portfolio of work, here.


Creating a vision for your brand

When creating a vision for your brand identity it’s important to keep in mind who you want to attract. At times I see business owners fall prey to only envisioning a brand they, themselves would be attracted to, which is a huge mistake.

As part of the wedding industry, you need to have an ideal bride in mind. If you want to attract louder brides that enjoy lots of colors then your brand should convey that. If you want to attract more classic or traditional brides then your brand identity should convey that.

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Your brand identity is your businesses first impression.

Brides have a lot of choices. The wedding industry is a saturated market. You need to establish yourself as the go-to for a specific bride.




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  1. janice

    May 3rd, 2017 at

    OOOh I love your color palette! Creating a vision is one of the main things in building a better and stronger brand!

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