A Classy and Understated Brand and Website Design: Much Ado Austin

I first connected with Ashley Robertson, the Owner of Much Ado Austin, on Instagram through mutual friends I was creating content for. We bonded on Instagram Stories over our mutual love for animals. When she approached me about designing her new brand and website I was stoked (talk about the¬†ideal client wonderland)! Ashley told me she was finally stepping out full-time after establishing Much Ado Austin in 2014. She’s been in the wedding and event industry since 2007 and wanted a brand that reflected her status as a seasoned professional.

Classy and Understated Brand Design Inspiration

Ashley told me she wanted a brand that was sleek, clean and minimal. She isn’t a fan of bright primary colors. Overall, we wanted to give her a classy and understated brand design.


The purpose of a moodboard is to set the overall tone for your brand. It’s the foundation for creating a strong, cohesive brand identity. For Much Ado Austin, I wanted to add a touch of personality and modernism by adding in beige tones to the black and white color palette.

A Classy and Understated Brand and Website Design

Logo Design

As we transitioned into the logo design, I wanted to keep this modern yet timeless tone. We played around with mixing sans-serif, serif and script fonts. I played around the idea of adding a symbol that was reminiscent of a wax seal and really wanted to create a modern monogram to highlight her classy brand. In the end, Ashley and I decided on the first logo design. It best spoke to the modern, timeless and understated tone of the brand.


Classy and Understated Brand Classy and Understated Brand Classy and Understated Brand


In the end, Ashley and I decided on the first logo design. It best spoke to the modern, timeless and understated tone of the brand.


The Website Design

When I started looking through the imagery and deciding what images worked best. I was immediately drawn to the black and white images. The timelessness and classiness really complimented her new brand design. It was also important to take the brand patterns and pepper them in throughout the website design to establish a higher-end brand. I wanted to keep the website minimal but not boring or without personality. I think the unique scrolling effects seen throughout the website really give the viewer a memorable, one-of-kind experience.


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Classy and Understated Brand

Classy and Understated Brand

  1. Nasly Duarte says:

    Do you have any experience with green /eco / sustainable businesses?

    • We’ve worked with some eco-friendly wedding planners in the past. We specialize in working with service-based businesses.

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