2019 Website Trends for Creatives

Today on the podcast, we’re chatting about the trends I think we will begin to see more and more of in 2019. Listen in as you give you my 2019 website trends I think will grow this coming year.

2019 Website Trends

#1 More Video

Video will definitely be seen more throughout this year. Video is great because it helps build your ever-so-important like, know and trust factor even more than static or written content.

As a web designer, I’ve had clients adding short 10-second clips without sound to their website to give their website more of a luxurious feel. I’ve also been seeing more clients want to include a videos page with embedded YouTube videos.

Adding video to your website not only helps with knowing your like, know, trust factor, but it also helps with Search Engine Optimization and ranking higher on Google.

I would suggest investing in a videographer for a day. You can plan out a multitude of videos going through FAQ’s for your website, get shorter clips for social media and even some behind-the-scenes footage. Once shoot can go a long way and can re-purposed on your website, YouTube, IGTV, Facebook page, email list — you get the picture.

#2 Behind-the-Scenes Look

Consumers are tired of being sold to and want to feel a genuine connection with people they’re buying from. Writing with more personality and behind-the-scenes will help build that connection.

Blogs are still being read. Maybe not as much as the early 2000’s but blogging is still very important. Writing the blog post from a behind-the-scenes perspective I think will be seen more this year. Showing behind-the-scenes, in general, will be more popular this year.

2019 Website Trends for Creatives

#3 Elevated Personality

It’s not enough to just have an About page anymore. Just as I said before about creating a connection. It has to be done within the first five seconds of someone landing on your page.

This isn’t the year to be marketing to everyone. 2019 is the year to stand out by niching down your ideal client and speaking directly to them. From the moment they land of the page. For me, I noticed all of my clients had a mutual admiration for Chip and Joanna Gaines, so when I re-designed my website (that launched yesterday) one of the first things you’ll read is the tagline, “the potential Joanna Gaines sees in houses, I see in websites.” That shows personality right away and connects with my ideal client.

#4 Reimagined Header Area

Typically most hero areas (formally known as “above the fold”) feature a large image that spans most of the viewport, often with some text on top to focus the attention of the viewer. And over the last couple of years, there hasn’t been much experimentation with this area of a website (arguably, the most important area).

While some websites have started to push the boundaries of what is possible with their hero/header areas on their websites, as we pull away from the typical full-width-image-with-text-overly type heroes, I expect to start seeing more and more experimentation by web designers as to what is possible in this area.

#5 More Emphasis on Typography

In years past, script fonts dominated. And all the rest of the fonts on websites seemed much of the same like a boring Arial font. This year, I believe we going to see more variants of fonts on websites.

Designers are going to start pushing the boundaries and trying new fonts on websites.

If you’re having trouble finding fonts to match there is a cool website called FontPair. It helps you pair Google Fonts together, which is nice because all Google Fonts are free so you can download them and use them on all your collateral.

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