5 Brand Mistakes You’re Making and How To Fix Them Now

5 Brand Mistakes You're Making and How To Fix Them

5 Brand Mistakes You're Making and How To Fix Them Now

Entrepreneurs put a lot of time and effort in their brand. They create a logo, craft the perfect tagline, raise brand awareness in their niche but then they start getting complacent in their brand. They lose focus and discipline and ultimately, start making stupid mistakes that kill their brand. Here are some common brand identity mistakes and how to fix them.

5 Brand Mistakes You’re Making and How To Fix Them Now

Failing to differentiate yourself

If your potential clients don’t know what makes you the best then they have no reason to choose you over someone else. You need to find your uniqueness in your niche and market the hell out of that point.


The DVD-Mailing-System was a home run from the beginning for numerous reasons. Not only did they offer a huge movie library as opposed to just new releases most DVD rental stores offered but you could also rent a movie without having to leave your house. They found their place in their niche and differentiated themselves.

Action Step:

Research your top 3-5 biggest competitors and find what makes them unique. Then dig into your own business and niche and find what differentiates your business from the competition. Make sure your differential point is something your clients want.

Overpromising and Underdelivering

If you think what you say if more important than what you do then you are sadly mistaken. Customers want a brand experience that lives up to expectations. In business, you need to underpromise and overdeliver. It’ll ‘wow’ your clients and generate more client referrals because they’ll be more impressed. Try to anticipate what your client would want and deliver it before they have to ask for it.

Action Step: Create a simple survey for your past clients to take. Ask them where you could improve and they were impressed with. This will also help you to find your unique differential point.

Inconsistent Branding

This is a costly mistake especially if you are trying to grow your brand presence which everyone should be trying to achieve. Your business needs to the same across all social media platforms, website presence, communication, every public place possible.

The President of the United States

We’ve seen a lot these days, every time a presidential candidate states something inconsistent with another statement they made they get called out for the inconsistency. You need to keep that lesson in mind for your brand. Your message and identity needs to be the same across all facets of your business.

Action Step:

In your website have a place where people can view your company’s vision, your goals, and even download your logo so they don’t have to mistakenly try to recreate. If you are being featured on another blog you can easily direct them to this area where they’ll have everything they need – another way to ‘wow’ your audience.

Skimping On Your Brand Budget

There are two major places I wholeheartedly believe you shouldn’t skimp on when it comes to your business.  The first is photography. You need professional headshots, product photography, marketing images. If it’s representing your brand it better be the best so you are perceived as the best. The second is branding. Don’t waste your money on bargain-branding. That $50 logo you bought from Fiverr isn’t impressing anyone.

Companies You Look Up To

Are the companies you follow look like they made their logo was made in Word or do they have an outdated, run-of-the-mill brand design? I am going to guess you answered with a ‘no’. If you want to gain a larger audience and build your business you need to look like your business is bringing in large checks even when it’s not…yet!

Action Step:

Research designers. Most designers offer free phone consultations to see what your business needs and to help you identify what’s right for you and your business. When researching designers make sure their design style matches what you may have in mind. If you want to incorporate illustrations into your brand then don’t choose a designer that specializes in just calligraphy.

Not listening to the experts

If you are hearing or reading the same thing over and over again from experts in that market space than 9 times out of 10 it’s true. You just can’t be stubborn and stick to your old ways. However, with that being said, expert advice needs to be proven with results of how they have worked.

Pinfinite Growth

I believe one of the reasons Melyssa Griffin’s course, Pinfinite Growth, has been so successful is because she uses powerful testimonals on how her course has helped business owners all the time, everywhere. I think everyone would agree she is a Pinterest Expert and has a proven track record so why wouldn’t you take her advice?

Action Step:

What is something you have read or heard time and time again but haven’t acted on? If it’s being said by what you believe are experts in that market space and have seen powerful results from that advice then take it. Act on it.

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