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Amanda came to Carrylove Designs wanting a brand she felt represented her business now, but also a brand she felt could grow alongside her. Amanda’s husband was in the military and so, a large part of her photography business and identity become intertwined with capturing special military families within her community. We set on a crafting […]

Are you on Instagram trying to get potential clients attention? Have you ever come across an Instagram bio so good you clicked on the link because you were intrigued and wanted to learn more about that person or business? Today, we are going to learn step-by-step how to craft your killer Instagram bio so potential […]

Three Questions to Ask Before You Publish Any Website In reality, there are a lot of variables that affect website design and what your website should have and shouldn’t have. However, if you are selling something online, whether it be a service or a product, there are three questions that are universal and need to […]

Dream Client Versus Ideal Client: How your dream client is different than your ideal client An ideal client is not the same as a dream client. The two terms are not interchangeable. I recently read an article from the Huffington Post that was not exactly… right. The author of the article was explaining who her […]

I got the pleasure of working with Victoria Wilson, the incredibly talented designer of the Momdana. Momdana is a fashionable scarf that turns into a sleek nursing cover. Victoria was nice enough to send me one since I am a nursing mother myself and let me tell you what – I love it! I use […]

Entrepreneurs put a lot of time and effort in their brand. They create a logo, craft the perfect tagline, raise brand awareness in their niche but then they start getting complacent in their brand. They lose focus and discipline and ultimately, start making stupid mistakes that kill their brand. Here are some common brand identity mistakes and […]

As a marketer, I am always striving to figure out new ways to reach potential clients in a way that will resonate with them. Consumers want to hold a conversation, and feel as if their opinion is heard and valued. They DON’T want to feel talked AT and feel as if someone is selling a […]

  You have a personal brand whether you’re aware of it or not. My personal brand, according to my husband, involves the words caring, loyal, and nurturing. That’s what defines me and drives my values and feeds my personality. Speaking of personality, that’s part of your personal brand as well. As a solopreneur, mompreneur, entrepreneur, […]

If you’ve studied marketing and growing a small business then you know one of the most important aspects of your business is your email subscriber list. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter can all be gone tomorrow then you’d be left with no way to reach out to potential or past clients. Your email subscriber list is something […]

These three design tips are part of the fundamentals any designer first learns when they enter art school. They are so easy though that they often are forgotten. If you apply these three basic design elements, your work will be more effective. 3 Easy Tips for More Effective Design   Use a maximum of 3 […]

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