Because your website should be your best salesperson.

Polish Your Website with our free 24-point checklist

Tired of getting low-quality leads–or worse, spam–from your website? You get excited when a lead notification comes through, only to realize it's a bot...

Imagine having a website that brings high-quality leads AND a website to which you're happy to send potential clients.

Enter The 24-Point Checklist to Make Sure Your Wedding Industry Website is Connecting with the Right Couples.

Inside, I'm inviting you to set aside the intrusive thoughts—like "I can't send anyone to my website because it's so out of date they'll think my work is terrible." AN EASY FIX!—and get a move on …

… so you can check this task off your to-do list with an expert on your side.

You'll be able to:

change the way you think about your website

Recognize that a functioning, live-on-the-internet website is NOT the same thing as a website that's WORKING for you & serving as an asset to help grow your business. 

tick the boxes to see if you're copy is working

Check your copy to find out if you're actually ASKING your prospective clients to take the next step with compelling calls to action. 

get a score to see how your site measures up

Tally up your score to determine if your site is up to snuff, salvageable, or strumming out its own SOS signal. 




Amanda Shuman

Designer, strategist, marketer and speaker, Amanda Shuman is an expert brand strategist and designer for creatives. She's the founder and CEO at Carrylove Designs, a fully-remote digital marketing agency for creative small businesses. With over 100 success stories, her team of designers and copywriters help creatives craft a brand that stands out from the crowd so they can make more doing what they love.

Known for her 'strategy-first' way of thinking, she's had the opportunity to appear on dozens of podcasts, virtual summits, and stages for creatives around the nation and supported entrepreneurs including Heidi Thompson, Maria Bayer, and Brandee Gaar.

At Carrylove Designs, she’s committed to providing services and education to support creative small businesses, so they can get paid more to do what they love while working less.

Known for her 'strategy-first' way of thinking

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