Carrylove Designs | Brand Launch We’ve launched! After two years, I decided it was time to refresh my design boutique, Carrylove Designs, since I am at a different point in my life, and a new brand design seemed fitting. I am so glad I get to share this with you all! I get called Carry […]

So, at the beginning of February, I set myself a goal, not a written out goal, but more of an I have this idea – let’s track it. I wanted to see how many Twitter followers I could gain in one month while knowingly trying to gain quality followers. Yes, quality, organic followers, not paid […]

Brand Launch | Sugar Leaf Films   Heather, Owner, and Editor over at Sugar Leaf Films, come to me after deciding to relaunch her business. Sugar Leaf Films started out in 2007 in Pennsylvania as a studio where they filmed and edited wedding videos. When she and her husband decided to relocate back to her […]

If We Were On a Coffee Date | #2 Baby Shuman If we were on a coffee date I would order a Green Tea Latte even though it’s in the 70’s outside in Austin and I would be sure to pick a table outside because the weather couldn’t get any better. I would tell you […]

Our Gender Reveal Party Cupcake or Stud Muffin   January 23, 2016 had to be one of the most exciting days of my life and one that could change both mine and my husband’s lives either way. Would we be raising a rambunctious, adorable boy or a sweet, sassy little girl? I had the unfortunate fate […]

  5 Things I’m Most Grateful For in January   January brought so many things to be grateful for! 2016 has started out phenomenal so far. Here are the five things I am most grateful for in January! 1. Doctor’s Visit Right after the New Year, we went to the doctor and saw Baby Shuman […]

An Elegant Lemon | Brand Launch I am so excited, and I’ll admit it, also very apprehensive to showcase my first completed design project of 2016! Oh boy, was it a fun one! I get nervous to show my design work because it’s what I’m most passionate about. Since this is my first brand launch on […]

My winter must-haves for the remaining 2016 season Even though it doesn’t get too cold in Texas or cold at all depending on where you’re from. I still like to pretend it’s freezing out and enjoy the 30 and 40-degree temperatures while we have them. These are my 2016 winter must-haves. Total moisture Benefit facial cream  I […]

17-21 Weeks of Pregnancy Ah, the second trimester. The first was hell – complete hell. I won’t go into full details, but I would throw up multiple times a day 3-5 times a week from my 6th week to 17th week. I also experienced migraines about once a week for two months. I was incredibly […]

If We Were On a Coffee Date #1 | New Year I would order a Grande Sweetened Green Tea Latte, because I feel like it’s a little healthier than my usual Chia Tea Latte (I am probably wrong though). I usually stick with a Tall, but I feel like I need the extra pick-me-up today. […]

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