half-day Brand intensives for wedding industry professionals and photographers who need clarity around their brand, business, marketing, and systems.

Brand Clarity

During our four hours together we will create clarity around your brand, marketing, and overall business systems to create a less stressful, more intentional business.

Half-Day Brand Intensives are designed to help you gain clarity around what makes your business unique, who your ideal client is, and how we can make your client experience better, for both you and your clients.

By the end of our time together, you'll feel more clear, confident, and empowered. We will work through your goals, roadblocks, and devise a plan to get you get headed in the direction you want your brand and business to go.

“Since I had Amanda work on my branding, my confidence is through the roof. I’ve gotten so many compliments from people saying how much my brand really feels like “me” and I’m being taken more seriously. It’s amazing to finally have a brand that is an external representation of how powerful I feel on the inside.”

-- Jess Blanche, Jess Blanche Coaching

“Amanda really helped me come up with a clearer mission. After working with her, I have a clearer picture of what my brand is and who my target client is, along with a roadmap of strategies to implement. She was easy to speak with and I'm so glad she was able to share her wisdom and guidance as I take my business to the next level! I would recommend working with Amanda if you're looking for strategies and a blueprint to show you how to elevate your current business!”

-- Emily Liou,  Career Coach

“I've found so much value in working with Amanda. Everything in my business makes WAY more sense. I looked forward to our calls each week.”

-- Rachel Hendricks , Photographer

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love letters from clients

Half-day brand intensive

Brand Intensive

Imagine having complete clarity within your business. You know exactly who you serve, how to convey your offer to them, and what to post on social media. It's all been mapped out and you don't have to think about it daily. No more wondering if you're posting at the right times or saying the right things to your audience. After our four hour session together, you'll have complete clarity surrounding your brand which will make daily business easier.

your brand intensive experience



Before our time together, you will fill out an in-depth brand questionnaire so I can research your brand  and workflows prior to our time together.


half-day intensive

During the call, we will work through every facet of your brand and business. From your ideal client, brand positioning, workflows, and marketing strategy -- we will create complete clarity around your brand and within your business. We will dig into the statistics and data of your business to leverage that information and grow your business.


Post intensive

A couple of weeks after the Intensive we will schedule a 30-minute follow-up call to see how the new workflows are working in your business and make adjustments if we need to.

Half-day Brand intensive is four hours long and a $500 investment

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