Blogger Interview Series #3 | Mattie Parker from Mattie’s Makings Why Mattie’s Makings was started: I had been going back and forth between starting my own blog&business & just focusing on my future in law school for some time before finally deciding to just take the plunge and see where blogging took me. After really reflecting […]

My winter must-haves for the remaining 2016 season Even though it doesn’t get too cold in Texas or cold at all depending on where you’re from. I still like to pretend it’s freezing out and enjoy the 30 and 40-degree temperatures while we have them. These are my 2016 winter must-haves. Total moisture Benefit facial cream  I […]

17-21 Weeks of Pregnancy Ah, the second trimester. The first was hell – complete hell. I won’t go into full details, but I would throw up multiple times a day 3-5 times a week from my 6th week to 17th week. I also experienced migraines about once a week for two months. I was incredibly […]

Blogger Interview Series #2 | Jessica English from Apple Brides   About Apple Brides Founded in 2013, and based in northern Idaho, the goal of Apple Brides is to inspire and assist local brides and grooms plan the wedding of their dreams. From Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, Walla Walla to Chelan, they only feature local weddings, […]

 Fitness Friday | 5 Tips to a Better Night’s Sleep ‘WHEN SLEEP IS SOUND, HEALTH AND HAPPINESS ABOUND’ Sleep: It’s at the cornerstone of our overall health. After about two weeks of no sleep, you will either die or be in a near-death state. Sleep helps with so many different problems and health concerns I […]

If We Were On a Coffee Date #1 | New Year I would order a Grande Sweetened Green Tea Latte, because I feel like it’s a little healthier than my usual Chia Tea Latte (I am probably wrong though). I usually stick with a Tall, but I feel like I need the extra pick-me-up today. […]

#1 Blogger Interview Series: Stephanie Marie from Marie Branding Co. I am so excited to kick off this series! I am a curious person, and whenever I see businesses or people, I admire I wonder how they got to that point and what drives them. I like to get to know new people especially who […]

Noemy + Tj | Mueller Park Couples Session I got the pleasure of shooting a couples session with Noemy + Tj this past weekend at Mueller Park in Austin, Texas. It was the perfect day to be at the park – sunny, 57 degrees and hardly any wind. The day beforehand it never got out […]

5 WAYS TO REFRESH YOUR BRAND IN THE NEW YEAR by SAM BELL FROM BRAND IT GIRL The new year is the perfect time to take a big deep breath and hit the refresh button on life. The new year comes with New Year resolutions, and they can be anything from that long-awaited health kick […]

Every year, at the beginning of the year, I feel the pressure to lose weight and go to the gym.  Hi, I’m Kristyn and I recently started a food blog called Dash of Herbs. But back to that first sentence.  Does anyone else feel that pressure?  I know so many people try and fail to keep New Year’s […]

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